What does it meant to spend time on your own?Me myself and I

I used to think that spending time on your own, meant that this was an option by default because no other better plans came up, or you simply had no plans at all. Sometimes I  think that there is a stigma attached to the whole “alone time” concept , and we are hesitant to answer or admit “oh I didn’t do anything with anyone”. I used to be like this a great deal. Do I make something up? Do I breeze over the fact that I did absolutely nothing with anyone last night, but secretly loved it?

Some of you might be thinking – “but why didn’t you call a friend to organize to do something”. Naturally,  that’s always an option, and there are always amazing friends and family available to do just that, but towards the end of last year, I began to discover that there was something really nice and relaxing, about spending time with yourself and enjoying your own company.

When you spend time with yourself, it allows new and insightful ideas to boil to the surface

Thoughts and feelings that you may not have noticed or recognized amongst the chaos of everyday life, or being surrounded by people, become awakened.

A fresh perspective on a situation may  finally reach a resolution, simply because you took the time to focus on yourself and just be… with yourself.

Spending time on your own allows you to have a little “selfish time”– do what you want, when you want. Watch movies all afternoon if that’s what you feel like doing. Read a book undisturbed for hours. Relax at the beach with no time constraints or busy schedules. Clean in your underwear because you have the sudden impulse to be productive and neat and tidy. (Don’t laugh, we’ve all done it!)

Through spending time on your own there comes clarity, perspective, growth and peacefulness.

No one says you have to do it for hours on end. For some a few hours of personal time is all that is needed.

Since I first addressed this concept at the beginning of the year, my perception on my own alone time has also changed. Which is perfectly ok. Some of us may want more than a few months ago, some of us may want less. Perhaps situations and circumstances have changed where hours of solo time are not really that necessary, but you’d never say no to a quiet movie, or afternoon nap for yourself.

The benefits of focusing on myself

I have found that by focusing on myself and having some alone time, I’m less inclined to rush around and feel out of sorts when I do things with others.

No longer will I have the mindset that spending time with yourself is a negative thing, because you had nothing else to do. It’s actually what I choose to do, so that when I do spend time with friends and family, they have my full and undivided attention and love.

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