Do you find it difficult to Manage your Emotions?

Do you find your emotions are all over the place, up and down like an roller coaster? Do you feel like you can only have a good day if people around you are in a good mood or you have ticked everything off your list?  In addition, do you find yourself triggered by anger, guilt or resentment?

If so….it is time to manage your emotions! 

We all get emotionally triggered at some time.  We can end  up doing things in the heat of the moment or end up saying something we may regret later.   We often say ‘ my emotions got the better of me‘.  This often happens when something or someone triggers an inner wound inside of us.

What ever the circumstances that cause emotional roller coaster emotions,  the good news is that you can learn to manage you emotions more effectively.   When you do this,  you make a choice to react in a way that FEELS GOOD to you.  When you do this, you are practising self care.  It is making a decision that you will not allow other people or difficult situations to make you FEEL BAD. 

Managing Your Emotions

When I talk about effectively learning to manage your emotions,  I mean that you have full control of how you react in any moment.   This enables you to ‘ hold onto your own power‘ and with practice, learn to  feel good regardless of the conditions around you.

The importance of choosing to Feel Good.

Think about it,  would you rather let a 5 minute bad conversation to ruin your day, or would you rather manage your emotions and choose to feel good, to let it go, to decide that it is not worth negative emotions or at worst, running your good feelings?

I acknowledge that there are toxic people in this universe and circumstances that test our emotions.   However, what if you made it your first priority to feel good?  How would you behave differently?   There is always a choice.   A choice to manage your emotions and focus on feeling good, or the choice to focus on your hurts, pain etc.

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