As Human Beings, most of us generally have very low standards of Happiness for Ourselves.

Most of us make excuses and justifications for not feeling as good as we would really like to.  We put up with negative emotions, stress and low levels of self-esteem and confidence.     We tolerate unhappy careers, relationships, people and negative emotions.

The honest truth is that very few of us are actually willing to put a little effort into creating a happy life that would actually feel better.   It is like we fully acknowledge that things are not working in our lives but carry on regardless anyway – just putting up with it or accepting that ‘ this is just the way it is’   Often we are still running on old beliefs such as ‘ What is the point – things won’t change’ or we have simply given up on our dreams and desires’ as we believe they are out of our reach or just too hard anyway.

There is this false premise that change is difficult, hard or will take a lot of time.  For those of us with busy lives, it is almost like we haven’t got the time to feel good!  As a result, we settle for very low standards of happiness for ourselves. 

However,  I personally know that all it takes is a few minutes each day to start to fill your life with more good things, more good emotions and a life that just feels better!  The thousands of clients I have worked with around the world know it as well!

We are meant to feel good! Did you know that?

So what if you did find a few minutes to create a better feeling life? What if you could find relief from your hurts, people pleasing, stress, guilt or disempowerment?

The good news is that Lisa Phillips, The Confidence Coach has a range of FREE resources that you can tap into any time in order to start your wonderful journey into feeling good most of the time, rather than just having a few glimpses of happiness throughout your day.

These free resources include

Lisa’s Confidence Coach Blog

Video Blogs


In addition, you can pick up a copy of Lisa’s book ‘ The Confidence Coach’ for less than $25!

Finally, I acknowledge that many of us are time poor and don’t have sufficient time do work on our own self development.   However, Lisa has developed a range of 1 hour training courses on a variety of topics including resilience, confidence, stress and learning to be your own best friend.   These courses are only $29!

So ask yourself today – do you care enough about yourself to want to feel good or are you willing to continue to accept low standards of happiness in your life?