Would you consider an online Life Coach, Career Coach or Confidence Coach?

When I first trained to be a Life Coach over 20 years ago,  all of my Sydney Life Coaching sessions were carried out face to face.     Therefore, in order to complete my Life Coaching Courses in Sydney,  clients either used to come to my office or  I would travel to meet them at Corporate office and workplaces in the local area.

Life Coaching Online

Forward 20 years, and the majority of my Life Coaching sessions are all carried out online.  This could be via Skype. FB Messenger, Face time or even WhatsApp!

The fact remains,  Life Coaching online is just as effective as face to face coaching.   It is also perfect for busy people who work long hours, those who travel a lot and of course, those based around the world that are looking for an expert coach outside of their local area.  The fact is, with online coaching, you get to choose the perfect Life Coach for you.

My Style as an Life Coach Online

The truth is , my style doesn’t change whether I am in the room with you, or we are having an online coaching session.   The coaching session, and the fabulous results  remain exactly the same.

I have actually had quite a few clients who prefer not to even have the video on!   They prefer phone coaching as they feel they can really open up and be vulnerable.    The truth is, it really doesn’t matter – as long as it works for you.

I have to be honest, being an online Life Coach  has also become my favourite!  I have become a real specialist in this area.   Hey, I even get to coach when I am working as a Guest speaker on Cruise ships!  Being available to coach online also gives me greater flexibility with my clients as I also offer online life coaching outside of normal working hours and also weekends.

Online Life Coaching is so easy!

As an expat myself, who has worked and lived in over 20 countries,  I know that life can get busy.  I also know visiting a Life Coach can take out a chunk of your day especially if you  are having to travel miles to see them.   Using an online coach allows you to sit with a cuppa in your hand without even to get in the car or use public transport.  You can sit in your lounge, bedroom, hotel room or we can even chat when you are out for a walk!  You could even fit in your online Life Coaching session when you are taking a break from work over lunch.

International Life Coaching

I have worked with clients all over Australia, Europe, Dubai, Norway, the UK, USA, NZ, Kuwait and Canada.

One of the main positives of choosing an online coach is you get to choose the right coach for you.   You have a bigger group of coaches to choose from, so you can choose the coach who has the  perfect experience and qualifications for you. This is much better than having a small ‘ pond’ of Life Coaches to select from your local area.

Yes – I still do Face to Face Coaching!

There are still some clients who prefer to be coached face to face.   That is perfectly fine and I still offer face to face coaching.

Why not drop me an email for a no obligation chat?  I also offer a free 15 minute session to all new online Life Coaching clients so they can make sure that they are comfortable with online coaching and of course, to make sure that I am the right Life Coach for them.   Please also check out my testimonials from a wide range of happy customers here!

International Life Coach Lisa Phillips

Lisa has been coaching for over 20 years.   She is the founder of www.amazingcoaching.com.au.   Lisa also specialises in Confidence Coaching and she is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.   She also offers a wide range of online Life Coaching Training Courses.     Lisa’s work features regularly on TV, Radio and a wide range of business and lifestyle publications.   She has also won several awards for her work as a Life Coach.  Lisa also offers online career coaching, interview coaching and business coaching.

Please also see www.amazingcoaching.co.uk for Lisa’s UK website.

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