Are you looking for a Career Coach or Interview Coach?

Did you know that Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips is also an experienced Career Coach?  The award winning Confidence expert can offer you support and expertise in all areas of your career.   This includes:

  • Interview Coaching ( including motivational, strengths and competency based questions)
  • Assessment Centre Coaching
  • Confidence in Careers
  • Confidence during interviews
  • Assisting you to improve / change your career
  • Small Business Career Coaching

How can a Career Coach help?

Sydney Career Coach Lisa Phillips can assist you with each step of your career, including job search and interview. I can also help you select what career would be best for you. I can also share my  expertise in how to be successful in your chosen career.  I can also help you change career or  set up a new business.

My experience as a Career Coach

I have assisted many graduates achieve a internship or graduate position and also worked with hundreds of clients on both selecting and moving into their ideal career.  This is important as if you choose the wrong career you may find yourself on an upstream process! 

I have also worked with many organisations assisting them to select the right candidate for the job at interview.

In addition to being an award winning Sydney life coach, I also have vast experience in large multi national organisations and have worked in over 15 countries.  Prior to becoming a coach, I worked in Financial Services as the Manager of Training and Engagement.  I am also a qualified internal audit and journalist!

My advice as a career coach has also appeared in many business and lifestyle magazines.   I have also been guest speaker at several Sydney recruitment agencies running workshops on ‘ How to be Confident in your career

My book ‘ The Confidence Coach’  ( Exile 2015) also contains a chapter on Confident Career and Interview skills.

Who is Lisa Phillips?

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Sydney Life Coach and Confidence Coach.  Her work is featured regularly in the media and she is the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ book.   To contact Lisa, please see or use the contact form.

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