Singapore Woman’s Weekly

Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips advice on building career confidence was recently shared in Singapore Woman’s Weekly Magazine.  The Singapore Women’s Weekly is the go-to, trusted magazine for the latest news and information in areas that matter most to the professional working woman.   For more information please see here.

The article titled ‘ Master the Art of Career’ Confidence‘ shared the award winning Sydney Life Coaches tips for increasing your self esteem and confidence in the workplace.    You can read the full article here. 

Excerpts form the article include:

  1. Career Confidence is not about blaming your boss or you work colleagues.  It is about taking responsibility for your confidence from the inside out.
  2. If you keep changing career in order to feel confident – this will cause you a lot of hassle and stress! Yes, moving jobs may help but it all likelihood, you will take your lack of confidence with you!
  3. Talk to your inner gremlin.   This is the ‘peanut sized’ part of your brain that is constantly telling you  that you are ‘ not good enough‘ or ‘ don’t have what it takes to be successful’

Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips has written many articles on Career Confidence.  She is also a regular speaker at Universities and Higher Education institutes.  Please also check out her online courses.  A few of her most recent articles on Career Confidence are highlighted below.

Who is Life Coach Lisa Phillips ?

Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.   Life Coach Lisa has over 19 years experience and her work is featured regularly in the media.  Lisa has also won several awards for her work helping people to increase their confidence and self esteem.  To find out more about how Lisa can help you with confidence, self esteem, career confidence or releasing negative emotions, please see

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