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Are you looking for Life Coaching training?   As a Sydney Life Coach, I often get requests via email from people who are looking for some advice in choosing the right  Life Coaching course.   Therefore, in this blog, I will share my tips on how to choose the right Life Coaching course for you.

Life Coaching Providers

There are literally hundreds of Life Coaching Training providers both within Australia and also courses you can complete online from anywhere in the world.   For me, it is about choosing the right Life Coaching course for your own individual needs.    This is so important as many providers offer different ‘ niches’ such as wellbeing coaches, executive coaching, workplace coaching  or even law of attraction coaching.    Make sure you get clear on what type of coaching you feel is your personal preference and will send you downstream!   The right course should make you feel excited about completing it!

Life Coaching in Australia is not regulated.

Unfortunately, anyone in Australia can set themselves up as a Life Coach. Due to this, many providers are offering weekend courses or ‘ Become a Life Coach’ in only a few  days.    I personally haven’t looked into these types of providers but do struggle with the idea that you can become a coach in such a small space of time.   However, these types of courses may be ideal if you are just adding Life Coaching to your other professional qualifications such as counselling or psychotherapy.

International Coaching Federation

The ICF Australia .  The International Coach Federation exists to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession.   They have chapters all over the world.  The ICF aims to  preserve the integrity of coaching through internationally accepted professional standards. They also offer a wide range of accredited courses and are a good start for people looking for an accredited training course. 

Other large training providers include the Life Coaching academy.  Life coaching certificates and diplomas are also offered by Universities and TAFE Providers. Their feels are often lower than the larger private coaching organisations so are worth looking into.  Heart Life Coaching is also extremely established in Australia.

Work Place Coaching

As well as general Life Coaching,  workplace coaching or executive coaching is very popular.   Again, be sure to check that the course meets your needs for the future.   I personally trained with Ashley Coaching for my Workplace coaching diploma and can highly recommend this course.

My Personal View

I have seen a lot of organisations charge a small fortune for Life Coaching training. They also advertise that you will earn a six figure salary.   Please be aware when researching these  types of courses that they are promising a dream which in reality, may not be aligned with who you are.    As a Sydney Confidence Coach with over 20 years experience in business,  Life Coaching can be hard work particularly building up a large client bases which is constant and fulfilling.    I have seen hundreds of coaches complete a course only to find they struggle even getting a few clients.    Sadly, these coaches end up coming to me for coaching on how to gain more Life Coaching clients.  For more information on my Life Coach Training for Life Coaches, please see here 

Life Coaching Business.

When looking for a Life Coaching provider, I strongly recommend you find a course that also gives you advice on setting up your business.  Yes, you may have completed a course but it is important to make sure you understand small business topics such as cash flow, insurance, marketing and PR.

In conclusion, make you complete lots of  research and be choosy in finding the right course for your future. Practical experience is always beneficial as it gives opportunities to coach fellow coaches and individuals.  The more practice you get during a Life Coaching course the better opportunities you will have to perfect your coaching skills!

Lisa Phillips

Based in Sydney, Lisa Phillips is a full accredited Life Coach and Confidence Expert with over 20 years experience.  Lisa is also the author of The Confidence Coach book.  Her work appears extensively in the Australian media.  For more information on Lisa Phillips, please see 

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