An online Life Coach provides Life Coaching online virtually via Skype, WhatsApp,  over the telephone or any other method of technology!

These days, Life Coaching online is increasingly popular.  Let’s face it, how great is it to get the help and support you need in the comfort of your own home! No more fighting the Sydney traffic, searching for a car parking space or rushing to leave work on time.

I have been specialising in providing Life Coaching online for many years now.   When I first launched my Amazing Coaching business in 2000,  all my Sydney Life Coaching clients came to  my office in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.

Now, the majority of my sessions are taken virtually with Life Coaching online.  I am currently working with clients in the UK, Europe, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Kuwait, Dubai and America.

Professional Sydney Life Coaching.

Due to my vast experience and knowledge, there is no difference if you choose to be coached online or in person. The sessions remain tailored to your unique needs and the outcomes are the same.    Each session is filled with transformation, support and always a sense of humour!

My 20 years experience also means that I can assist you quickly and effectively.   The majority of my clients start with a package of only 6 Life Coaching sessions.    For most, this is sufficient to have them to have achieved their desires, whether it be feeling more confident, releasing negative thoughts or getting unstuck.    Why not take a look at my Life Coaching Testimonials?   I also offer shorter Life Coaching packages 

Life Coach  Lisa Phillips.

If you are struggling to feel good, low self worth or self belief or just need some support in achieving your goals or getting back on track in life,  why not contact the award wining Life Coach today!

Lisa is a trained Life Coach, Confidence Coach, Career Coach and Law of attraction Coach.  Her expertise is featured regularly in the Australian Media.     The award winning Life Coach is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book.    She is currently sharing her expertise on topics such as Confidence, Resilience, Stress, self doubt and healthy relationships on The Love Destination TV Platform.

Take a look at Lisa’s Life Coaching Testimonials here.