Are you looking for a Life Coaching Course?

Award winning Confidence expert and author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book  Lisa Phillips offers a wide range of Life Coaching courses in Sydney or online.  Lisa also offers  online 1 hour Life Coaching workshops.  These short but effective workshops cover popular topics such as :

  1. Boosting Confidence
  2. How to be Your Own Best Friend
  3. Career Confidence
  4. Increasing Resilience
  5. Managing your stress before it Manages you.

The Benefits of Life Coaching Courses

Lisa doesn’t tie anyone into long courses of Life Coaching.  ( Why?  Lisa has 20 years experience so you won’t need it!) However, she does offer her clients packages of up to 10 Life Coaching sessions.   Clients are also welcome to just have ad hoc sessions or purchase a short featured package.  However, when purchasing a package of Life Coaching sessions,  this enables you to make sure that the  positive changes that take place during the Life sessions, are embedded within you for Life!

To be honest, many changes that take place during my Life Coaching sessions are instant.   However, in order to break any old addictions to past thinking patterns, beliefs and unwanted behaviours,  it is important to gain positive momentum.   This ensures that changes are not just embedded in your thoughts, but also in your heart and body as well.   I call this alignment.

Have you ever started to change but then just gave up?

Haven’t we all! This is generally because our  new behaviours have not had time to fully align into our lives.  The fact is, old patterns and behaviours literally have a  ‘ familiar chemical’ attached to them.    Therefore, even when we want to change, we often get dragged back into old familiar ways of doing things as we are literally addicted to familiar chemicals and old ways of doing things.

Purchasing a Coaching package however, ensures that you are supported through the process of letting go of old behaviours and embedding new positive behaviours into the head, heart and body.

Life Coaching Packages ensure Momentum!

When you purchase a Life Coaching package,  Lisa recommends that you have 3 sessions in the first month.   This will ensure full alignment and integration of positive changes.  After this, the remainder of the Life Coach Course can be taken can be taken every two weeks.

Why not contact Award winning Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips today?   I promise it will be the most amazing transformational experience of your Life!


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