Let it go! So many of us are still carrying hurts, resentments and pain from years ago – even decades ago! We talk about these hurts to anyone who will listen, we use them as our excuse for the way we are, our beliefs and how we live our lives. We defend our past pains, justify them as a reason for our existence, and defend them to others around us. We use our hurts as a reason to justify who we are now and the decisions we make.

Many of us are still blaming other people for these hurts and will not simply just let them go! In doing so, we are literally tied to our past and our pain every day of the year.

Take a few minutes to look at your past. What has happened to you in the past that impacts your behaviour today? Did you receive criticism from people around you so you still continue to criticise yourself today or believe that you are not good enough? Did you have a partner who hurt you in the past so now you refuse to step into relationships with an open heart? Did you have a business or a career that didn’t go as well as expected so you refuse to try anymore? Did your family negatively impact your confidence in the past so you decided there is nothing you can do to improve it?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that each and every one of your past hurts were not real nor am I saying that they didn’t hurt or impact you negatively. However, how much longer are you willing to stay a victim of your past and allow it to dictate your future?

This is not about forgiving the people who may have hurt you – this is about deciding that you will no longer hurt yourself by still being tied to that experience or person. It is about making a decision to empower and free yourself from those past hurts and let them go! Think about it, how does your body feel every time you think about your wounded past? Does it ache, feel resentful or just generally bring up negative emotions? If this is true for you – how much longer are you willing to put up with feeling bad? Let’s face it, the people who hurt you are not feeling bad and have probably already moved on and are not even aware of the pain you are in.

The key to releasing all this pain from the past is start to care more about how you feel right now. Make a decision that your own happiness is more important than your hurts from the past. Remember, the law of attraction does not care about your past, it is simply reacting to the thoughts and vibration you are sending out in the current moment.

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Sydney based public speaker and confidence coach. To find out more please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au or www.howtoempoweryourstaff.com.au