Self Soothing is an  very important practice!  Unfortunately, many of us were not taught the importance of self soothing at an early age.  As a result, we often are at the mercy of our emotions  and often turn against ourselves with critical and negative self talk.

When working with my Life Coaching and Confidence Coaching clients, one of the first practices we work on is learning how to self soothe.

Self Soothing gives relief from Negative Emotions

You can gain relief from negative emotion or negative self talk by consciously reaching for any general thought that soothes resistance.  The best way to look at this is to reach for any phrase that you would use to encourage or soothe a small child.

Think about it – if a small child came to you and told you they were feeling nervous or scared, what you would tell them? Would you chastise them and tell them off (like you do yourself) or would you comfort them, use some self soothing words and tell them that they are going to be ok, that they are safe and don’t have anything to worry about.

I like the words ‘It’s ok’. These simple two words can give relief the uncomfortable feelings or resistance that we feel in our body. Try it now, just soothe yourself and tell yourself that it is going to be ok – how does it feel?

Here are some other soothing phrases to try:

  • Even though it may not feel like it, everything is working out for me
  • I am doing ok, I can do this
  • I know I will feel anxious at first, but hey, I can handle it
  • I can work things out – things will fall into place
  • This doesn’t feel good – what do I need to do to feel better? 
  • It’s ok, it will be ok,  it will pass, I will be fine. 
  • Even though it doesn’t feel like it,  everything is going to be ok

Find a Soothing Phrase that Feels good to YOU!

Everyone is different so it is important to reach for the soothing words that feel good to you.  Tune into your body and feel the words. The right words will give you relief from the negative emotion you are feeling.   Please also check out this blog on the Emotional Guidance Scale.  The right words will also turn you in the downstream direction of your life stream and keep you flowing in the direction of what you want.

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Lisa Phillips is an award winning Sydney based Life Coach and Confidence Coach. She is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ (Exile Publishing)    Lisa has over 20 years experience and her work regularly appears on TV, Radio and Media. 

Lisa is currently the Confidence Coach on The Love Destination TV.