Law of Attraction Coach

As an award winning Australian Life Coach with over 18 years experience, I have always incorporated the laws of Attraction into my coaching business.  Over the years, I have been delighted about the amount of clients who reach out for me as they are looking specifically for a Law of Attraction Coach  specialist to assist them.

What is the Law of Attraction?

It’s simple – That which is like itself is drawn!

Law of Attraction Coaching

Many people use the law of attraction to manifest their goals in life.  However,  when you specifically engage myself as a Law of attraction coach, we would take the law of attraction into other emotional areas of your life.  It is not just about manifesting what you want, but also looking at where the law of attraction is working for you in areas that you don’t want!

Remember, the law of attraction is always at work in your life.  So if you encountering any negative emotion, lack, worry or anxiety in your life, then the law of attraction will be attracting even more of what you don’t want in your life.  These thoughts effect your vibration and will prevent you from manifesting what you really want in life.  You could set goals until you are blue in the face but unless your vibration matches your desire, then your goals will not become manifest.   In addition, you could verbally repeat affirmations of what you want for years, but unless your heart and head are in real alignment then you will not move vibrationally closer to your desires.  ( I call this bridging the gap).

My experience as a Law of Attraction Coach.

I have been using the law of attraction in my own life for over 20 years.   More recently, I now incorporate leading edge techniques into my sessions from experts such as Abraham Hicks.    I have also studied with many experts including Debbie Ford, Louise L Hay and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Lisa Phillips is a Sydney Law of Attraction, Confidence Coach and Life Coach.  Her work regulary appears in the media and is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘.  To find out how Lisa can assist you whether it is with face to face sessions or via Skype  please see

It's not about action, it's about frequency and vibrational alignment.