Blog post by Life Coach and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips 

When is the last time you checked in with yourself and remembered what feels good to you?

We are all unique beings, living in our own stream of choices and preferences. However, many us have just gotten too busy or have simply forgotten to do things that feel good to us! We are happy to go along with the crowd but don’t take the time to do things which feel uniquely good to ourselves!

In my Life and Confidence Coaching practice, I often talk to my personal and business coaching clients about the importance of doing what feels good to YOU. Not what feels good to other people,  not what is expected of you, but what actually feels good to you! Think about it, when is the last time you did something that bring you joy?

For me, I get joy from sitting down with a good book. I don’t want to chat during this time nor do I want to be interrupted. For other people, their personal joy may come from a good night out,  spending time creating something or a work out in the gym.

I often ask my coaching clients to think about what used to bring them joy when they were growing up. Everyone is different but responses can include singing, animals, doing jigsaws or playing a musical instrument. To be honest, I love watching the look on their faces as they remember these things as often their eyes light up and a big grin appears on their face!

Those of you who are familiar with my work will recognise this as a downstream positive emotion experience which really means – do more of it! Again, as you do more of what you enjoy you will attract more positive emotions and attract more of what you want – whether this is more money,  a partner or that perfect career.

Spend a few minutes today thinking about the things that bring you joy and just notice how your body reacts. To sum this up ‘if it feels good, do more of it’.

Lisa Phillips is a Life and Confidence Coach based in Sydney Australia. Lisa appears regularly on TV and radio and is the author of the Confidence Coach. To find out more, please see