In my Sydney Life and Confidence Coaching practice, I work with my coaching clients to first identify and honour their own unique personal preferences.   These are the things that often bring us our unique sense of joy and fun.   When we align with these things, we will experience positive emotion.

For many of us, recognising that we are truly a unique being, living and flowing on our own personal ‘life stream’, with our own personal preferences in life can come as a bit of a surprise!

Many of us ignore or fail to prioritise our own preferences in life.  We fail to acknowledge that we are all different and it is a good thing to be different from other people. Instead, we ignore our personal preferences and behave according to other peoples preferences be it our families, partners or societies’ ‘ mainstream’ preferences. As a result of this, we are more often tuned into someone else’s preferences than our own! Is it any surprise then that this often doesn’t feel good?

This methodology assists my clients to align with their true authentic self. This means recognising what feels good to you (your preferences) and aligning with them.

I often see people ignoring their own preferences when it comes to their career.  Think about your own career- Are you in this career because someone else told you it would be a good idea or are you aligning to your own personal preferences when it comes to your career?

I spent 7 years as an accountant! When I look back, this career choice was simply because I bought into other peoples and societies idea that this was a good career for me. The trouble is it really didn’t align with my personal preferences and as a result, it often felt ‘upstream’ for me! Ok, there were times that it did feel good, mainly when I was engaging with people, travelling or running training sessions. The reasons these activities did feel good was because they were a personal preference of mine, and aligned with my true authentic self. However, it is fair to say that the number crunching side of being an accountant did not align with me at all!

However, now that I am working as a Professional speaker, author and Life and Confidence Coach, I am much more aligned with my authentic self and my own personal preferences. This alignment is tweaked daily, as I discover more about what really feels good to me and I choose to do more of it!

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Lisa Phillips is a Sydney Professional Speaker, Confidence and Life Coach. Lisa is also the author of the The Confidence Coach