We are energetic beings and it’s not uncommon for us to take on the energy of other people. Although we can’t see this energy, we can feel it! Have you ever felt your energy just drop or feel like someone has sucked the life out of you after spending time with a negative person? If so, you have probably taken on some of the energy of the negative person. In addition, whenever you come into contact with a group of people or you find yourself in a crowd, all sorts of energy exchanges are going on, whether you consciously know it or not. Those who have a caring, intuitive and compassionate nature are also more likely to pick up other peoples energy – whether it is positive or negative.

These energies can cause us to feel negative emotion and cause us to feel not quite ourselves or tired and lethargic. Houses, objects and cars can also absorb negative energy so it’s a good habit to clear energies from you and your home on a regular basis. I clear the space in my coaching office after every client so that each client gets to step into fresh clear energy without the risk of picking up on other peoples stuff.

Cleansing your energy is a great way to hold onto your own positive energy as well.

There are hundreds of ways to make sure you keep your energy field clean and clear. I use South American Smudge sticks around the home and am also a big fan of taking an Epsom bath in order to clear any negative energy from my body. Salt lamps are also good to have around the home as they are known to warn off incoming negative energies.

Lisa Phillips is a Sydney based Life and Confidence Coach. She appears regularly on TV and radio and is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ (Exisle Publishing). For more information, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au