You-Are-WorthyLet’s compare the workings of your negative belief system to a photocopier. (Yes, that big white blob in the tucked away in the corner of the office which always runs out of paper when it is your turn). Whenever you feed something into a photocopier, you get a mirror image, or a copy out the other side – correct?

Now, this may sound freaky, but your life works like this too! If you have been on the receiving end of hearing some yucky lies about yourself, e.g. that you are utterly worthless, this will feed into your negative belief system just like a photocopier.  Unfortunately, the copy you will receive in your life will be in the form of an assortment of people or circumstances which will simply copy (or reflect back to you) your overall feelings of being a breathing worthless lump.

Did you know… other people will treat you like you treat yourself? If you walk all over yourself, don’t be surprised if you are treated like a doormat.

The real bad news is that about 70% of the world’s population is held hostage by the belief that they are unlovable.  Feeding this little treasure into the photocopier will almost guarantee that you attract situations and people in your life who act out in ‘unloving’ ways towards you.
If this wasn’t bad enough, experiencing all this unloving stuff will simply attach even more legs to the belief that you are 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, totally and utterly, undeniably, as true as the sea is wet, UNLOVEABLE.

One of my former clients, Helen, got trapped on the self-fulfilling unlovable merry go round. As a child, she was informed that she wasn’t good enough and she often felt deprived of love and a good old bedtime story.  As an adult, her partner often planted the seed in her mind what a rotten person she was and how ‘lucky’ she was to have him.  As a result of this, she stayed firmly rooted in a toxic marriage for over twenty years as she was wholeheartedly convinced that no other man would even contemplate buying her dinner, never mind falling in love with her.

Remember this little gem… Whatever you Believe… you will Receive!

Therefore, if you really want to see changes appearing in your life, you need to start look at what you are feeding into your photocopier. The good news is that you can easily change this.   It has been said that the ‘ definition of insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result’ so if you are experiencing the same repetitive problems in your life, then it is time to change what beliefs and thoughts you are feeding into your photocopier.

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