Is every day a Great day at work or do you dread going to work each and every day?

Think about it – What happens to your thoughts and self talk when the alarm goes off?  Does your day begin like this?

6am   ‘Oh no, the alarm is going off and I have to get up. I can’t face work today. I would rather stay in bed! I will just press the snooze button one more time.

7am Do I look ok? My hair is a mess. Why do I always look so terrible? I look so tired!

7.30am The train / bus is late again! It’s always late or overcrowded, I really hate public transport. It’s rubbish.

8.30am  At work. Roll on 5pm Friday.

2pm  I am really tired. I can’t wait to sleep and get some rest. Surely there must be more to life than this. I can’t believe it’s only 2pm! Why can’t I win the lottery?

6pm  Groan…..I still have to cook dinner, tidy up, go to gym etc

8pm The TV is rubbish. Why is there no decent shows on?

10.30pm Better go to bed. I have to go to be up early. Groan

Would you rather be like this and have a great day at Work?

6am – (Awake before alarm). Better get up, I am looking fwd to a good day today.

7am – I look ok today, maybe not perfect but that’s fine.

7.30 – The bus/train is late, I will use this time to call a friend /do my affirmations or just tune into some music.

8.30 – Say ‘ good morning ‘ to others. Go through list of things to do. This project is new. I am a bit unsure where to start but I can ask others. I am sure I can handle it.

2pm – Off to stretch my legs for 5 mins

6pm –  I will go to the gym now.  I know I will feel good once I go.

8pm – The TV programs don’t interest me tonight, I will read a book or watch a DVD instead

10.30pm – Better go to bed – it’s important that I have sufficient rest and practise self care. 

You have a Choice to have a Great Day at Work or a Bad Day!

You really have a choice to create a bad day or a great day! This may sound simplistic, but taking the time to focus positively in the morning can really create a great day at work.   However, most of us wake up ‘ where we left off’ yesterday, regurgitating old thought patterns.  We actually repeat 95% of our thoughts each day.

The Cost of Negative Thinking each day

When we stay thinking negative, we attract negative emotions and events. Thus when one is in a negative state everything seems to go wrong. Like attracts Like!  It is the law of attraction!

The Benefits of Positive thinking:

Here are a few simple ideas thoughts to create  a great day at Work:

1. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a great day at work today?
2. It would feel great to have a lovely day today
3.Today, I would like to feel happy, content and relaxed
4.  I am going to look for things to appreciate today


•Make a commitment to yourself and be willing to change
•Have patience with yourself
•Don’t expect yourself to be perfect
•Reprogram your brain by feeding it positive thoughts.

Other ideas to create a  great day at Work

  • Be appreciative of other people
  • Give thanks to others
    Acknowledge a job well done
    Celebrate achievements
  • Pitch in to help others
    Contribute to the community
  • Look for the good in other people
    Don’t gossip or stab people on the back – Challenge yourself to be honest and speak up!
    Be assured and confident in yourself.
  • Believe in yourself – if you are not sure – Ask!
    Overcome your fear of confrontation and conflict – be assertive.

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