A Confident Mindset will give you a huge advantage in life.   If your mindset is confident, your actions, beliefs and expectation will follow.    Feeling confident on the Inside sends a message to the world that you are important, you care how you feel and you believe in yourself.

In this weeks Amazing Coaching blog,  I will share with you my 10 Top tips on How to have a Confident Mindset:

  1. Don’t attach to your negative beliefs.  Remember, they are just SPAM.  Beliefs such as ‘ I am not good enough’ or ‘ I am not worthy’ are lies we choose to believe about ourselves.  They are just old programming.
  2. Negative self-talk may never disappear, but you can soothe yourself into a better-feeling place.  Check out my past blog on how to soothe yourself into Confidence.
  3. Decide today not to let old negative thought patterns hold you back any longer.  Remember, every day is a brand new day.  Don’t regurgitate your negative thoughts every day! We often repeat 90% of our thoughts every day so it is no surprise we just keep experiencing the same old situations and people in our life.
  4. Acknowledge that it is normal to feel anxious or nervous — but don’t let these nerves hold you back from doing what you really want to do. Hold that hand of your fears and do it anyway!
  5. Encourage yourself with kind words and remind yourself that you are going to be okay.  Encouraging yourself boosts confidence, criticism breaks it down.
  6. Don’t expect to be perfect first time around! Give up the need to be perfect and remind yourself you are human instead.
  7. Always praise yourself when you take action towards building a confident mindset.  Praise re-wires your neural pathways and speeds up the process of having a confidence mindset.
  8. Whenever you feel fear, practise a soothing, encouraging dialogue with yourself.
  9. Treat yourself like your own best friend.  Think about it, do you treat yourself like your best friend or do you treat yourself like your own worst enemy?
  10. Have compassion with yourself.   Give yourself a break.  You are enough, you are good enough I promise!

Life Coaching in Sydney

Award Winning Life Coach Lisa Phillips is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.    Lisa works all over the world with clients assisting them to have a confident mindset and increase confidence, self esteem and self belief.    She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.

Lisa has 20 years as a Life Coach in Sydney and her work appears regularly in the media.   Lisa is also the current Confidence Expert on The Love Destination TV.

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