If you are interested in Life Coaching sessions,  it is really important to do some research and find the right Life Coach for you.  In this weeks blog,  I share my tips on How to Find a Life Coach.

Choosing the Right Life Coach for You.

Most Professional Life Coaches specialise in a particular genre.   For example,  there are career coaches,  Business coaches,  Life Style Coaches, Executive Coaches, Law of Attraction Coaches  and  Confidence Coaches.    Then, there is the more general Life Coach who would cover more non specific areas such as Goal Setting etc.

Therefore,  before engaging a Life Coach, do some research to ensure that they have the relevant experience and qualifications to match the particular area you need assistance with.

Life Coaching is not Regulated in Australia

The Life Coaching Industry is not regulated in Australia.  What this means is that anyone can set themselves up as Life Coach!   Due to this, when you are looking to find a Life Coach, it is even more important that you do your research on the following:

  1. The Amount of time they have been in Business.  Please do not underestimate the importance of this!    A less experienced Coach may need to work with you for 20 sessions.   However, someone like myself who has over 20 years experiences, averages 6 sessions per client.  That is because I have 20 years experience and can assist my clients quickly due to my expertise.
  2. What Courses and qualifications have they completed.  These days,  anyone can become a Professional Life Coaching expert by completing a weekend course.  However, this does not mean they have the expertise that is required!  You may find they may just read from a pre-prepared script or have a certain course to follow.   Therefore, in finding a Life Coach, it is important to find someone who tailors their session towards your unique needs, not someone who makes you fit the knowledge they learned on a weekend Life Coaching course.  Look for a Life Coach who has completed accredited Life Coach Training such as a Cert IV in Life Coaching or a Diploma in Workplace Coaching.  Look for Life Coaches who are ICF Accredited.
  3. Who do they work with?  Who are their clients?  The client base of a Life Coach tells you a lot about their experience and expertise.

Make sure you ask for some Coaching Testimonials if they are not already featured on their Website.

Where do you want your Life Coaching sessions to take place?

Before you do your research on finding a Life Coach,   make a decision how you want to be coached. In the past, the majority of my Sydney Life Coach sessions used to take place face to face in my office.  However, times have changed and now I do the majority of my coaching online.  

Everybody is different so make sure you choose the right person who can fit in with your lifestyle.  If you are based in Sydney, you may want a local Life Coach.  However, opening yourself up to Life Coaching Online enables you to be a little more picky in your selection!

Make sure you Speak to a selection of Life Coaches first

Many professional coaches offer a Free introductory session to new clients.   This gives both the Coach and the coachee an opportunity to get to know each other.  Finding the right coach for you is a personal decision.  I always ask my clients to follow their own gut instinct.  Don’t  feel pressure to sign up or agree to coaching sessions before taking to your coach.

Life Coach Sydney,   Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach,  Career Coach and Confidence Coach.   She founded, Amazing Coaching n 2ooo.   You can find out more about Lisa in her ‘ Meet Our Life’ Coach page.

Lisa has been coaching for over 20 years and is a fully accredited Life Coach.  She is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach‘ book.    Lisa Phillips also regularly shares her expertise as a Sydney Life Coach in the Australian Media. 

How to Find a Life Coach