Confidently Speak up in Meetings!

It is really common to feel nervous about speaking up during workplace meetings.  In this weeks blog, I will share my tips on how you an learn to speak up with confidence during meetings.

The fact is, some people are simply more introverted and prefer to listen carefully instead of joining in. ( This is me).  That is perfectly fine and I always encourage people be true to their personal preferences.   However, but what can you do when you desperately wish to play a more active role in meetings, get more involved and speak your mind with confidence and ease?  What if you feel your inability to confidently speak up in meetings is having an impact on your career success?

Many people are hesitant about speaking up during meetings because they fear they may say the wrong thing and be judged negatively by the people around them. Many also stay quiet through the fear that they have little to contribute or that people won’t agree with what they have to say.

Case Study

Amanda lacked confidence in her career. She had recently attended a team meeting where her manager asked the team to come up with a solution to a problem they were experiencing.  Even though Amanda  felt she had the perfect solution, she didn’t say a word because she was worried that people would laugh at her idea. A few minutes later, another member of her team spoke up and suggested the very same thing that Amanda  had been thinking about, and everyone was really impressed.

As a result, Amanda  felt really annoyed and frustrated at herself for keeping quiet and not having the confidence to share what had been her prized answer all along.

Try these tips to Speak Confidently during Meetings

  • Remind yourself that you have the job you are in because your employer believes you are valuable, have expert skills and something to contribute.
  • create a mindset of safety and ask yourself what really is the worst that could happen.
  • Value your ideas. Remind yourself that you are a valuable person and are just as likely as anyone else to come up with good ideas.
  • If you sit in meetings worrying about speaking up, you will just find it harder to enter a discussion. try taking back your power and choosing to be one of the first people to speak within ten minutes of the opening of the meeting. start by just agreeing with another person, or discussing something that happened in the past. this will help build up your confidence muscle and release any fears that people are judging you. •
  • Don’t censor yourself. If an idea comes up in your head, don’t let it sit around attracting self-doubt. Bite the bullet and speak up. the more you do this, the more confident you will feel in entering into any discussion. Don’t forget to praise yourself afterwards.

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