How to Change the Voice Inside Your Head

The voice inside our heads can tell us that we are strong, capable and deserving of good things. Or it can tell us that we are stupid, incompetent, and unable to do the things needed to success. The voice inside our heads can tell us that we are beautiful and special, or it can tell us that we are ugly and undeserving of love.

The voice inside your head can determine whether you are happy or miserable, successful or struggling. Learning how to change the voice inside your head can help you to shut off the negative messages you’re sending to yourself so that you can stop getting in the way of your own success and happiness.
Changing that voice is not an easy process, but it is something that must be done if you are to find the happiness and success you desire. Here are a few tips for changing that voice inside your head:

Identify Its Source

Why is it that your inner voice tells you that you are stupid or lazy? Or that you are fat? Or that you are not a good parent? Where does this voice come from? For many of us, that voice can come from our parents. Or our insecurities. Or our fears.
Once you identify the source of your negative inner voice, you can learn how to change it. If fear is holding you back, determine how to overcome that fear. If you learned negative thinking because of the way you were raised, get to the root of childhood hurts so you can heal them. Once you are able to tackle the source of your negative inner voice, you can start to change it.

Determine Your Goals

It is too easy for many of us to tell ourselves that we “can’t” do something. Or that we don’t deserve it. We are so used to telling ourselves that something can’t or won’t or shouldn’t happen that we start to believe it.

The next time you tell yourself these things, remind yourself of your goals. If you look in the mirror and your inner voice starts telling you that you are fat or ugly, don’t just indulge the voice. Think about what your goals are. If they are to lose weight or to exercise more, take that moment to reaffirm your commitment to those goals and make a plan to achieve them.

Determining your goals can help you to focus your thoughts into actions rather than letting yourself indulge in negative and destructive thoughts.

Develop Solutions

Is your inner voice always a critic? (That’s true for most of us, unfortunately.) Silence that critic by taking away the case of the complaint. If you are unhappy with some aspect of yourself or your life, change it. Develop solutions to attain the happiness you desire. If your inner voice tells you that you are not successful enough, develop a strategy for advancing in your career or finally opening that business you have always dreamed of.

Don’t wallow in negative thinking. Use it to help you identify the source of your unhappiness and then develop solutions to correct those problems.

Focus on the Positive
Our inner voices are often negative. Change that dialogue by focusing on the positive instead. When you start beating yourself up about your lack of ambition or advancement in your career, remind yourself what a good worker you are and what benefits you bring to the team. When you chastise yourself for being too shy or timid, tell yourself that you are a good friend who shows compassion to others.
Remind yourself of the good things you do, and choose to focus on the positive instead. Use those negative thoughts to change what needs to be changed, but focus on the positive to give you the motivation to enact solutions that will bring you the happiness and success that you desire.
You don’t have to listen to the negative voice in your head. Learning to recognize the voice, identify its source, and change the dialogue can help you to overcome its limiting effects on your life. With work, the voice you hear can be an affirming and empowering one.
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