If you are a fan of self development, you will have heard  people talk about the need to focus your thoughts on what you do want, not what you don’t want!

In my Life and Confidence Coaching practice, I often explain to my coaching clients, that focussing on what you don’t want can be trickier than it first seems. In practice, every time you try hard or put effort into trying to NOT focus on what you  don’t want, whether it is not feeling good, not having enough money or the lack of a partner in your life, you are continuing to attract the vibration again and again, leading to attracting more of what you don’t want!

For example: If you are struggling for money, you need to focus on the vibration of receiving more money, rather than getting frustrated about the lack of money in your life. And here lies a common  problem as  it can be difficult to focus on receiving more money when you are struggling to pay the bills or your debts are mounting up.

A far more successful and easier way of focussing on what you do want is to gradually and generally, tune your vibration away from the unwanted – into the wanted.  This isn’t about taking big huge leaps – it’s about a general movement of your thoughts, on a gradual basis day by day in the direction of your desire. It is about encouraging and soothing yourself into a better feeling place day by day.

Here is an example of moving your thoughts towards what you do want.

I know I am struggling for cash right now and it doesn’t feel too good. However, I would like to start to think that it is possible that this will get better for me. I know I feel good when I have money, and would like to feel that again. I don’t have to work this out right now, but it’s good to know that I am flowing in the right direction towards the extra money I desire. 

Reaching for better feeling soothing thoughts will actually start you moving towards what you want and give you some relief from the thoughts that you don’t want.  If you have a strong vibration of ‘I don’t have any money’ then you might find that it takes a little longer. Be gentle about this though – reach for a ‘better feeling thought’ each morning and allow the momentum of the stream to carry you in the direction of your desires. It takes patience, but not force!

For more information on this process, please read ‘The Confidence Coach’ book by Lisa Phillips (Exile Publishing). 

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life and Confidence Coach based in Sydney Australia. She is also a popular public speaker and regularly runs workshop throughout Australia. Please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au or www.howtoempoweryourstaff.com for more information on Life and Confidence Coach, Lisa Phillips.