Feeling Unhappy?

Ok I admit it, as human beings we often have days of  feeling unhappy!

However, many of us make feeling unhappy into an artform!

Be honest with yourself – have you ( or someone you know) made feeling unhappy your dominant lifestyle?  Have you just accepted consistent feelings of unhappiness?

Have you just settled for unhappiness in your life, career, relationships or finances? 

Complaining of Unhappiness?

I have been an award winning Sydney Life Coach for twenty years.  Many Life Coaching clients come to my coaching practice as they are feeling unhappy.  However, they all have one wonderful thing in common – They are willing to do something about it! They are willing to feel better and claim Happy! 

However, so many of us just accept feeling unhappy as ‘ our lot in life‘.   It is like we have decided there is ‘ no point‘ in trying to be happy or change things for the better.  We often believe that things will ‘never change for us‘ or fear trying  – ‘ just in case we get disappointed‘ .   We have just settled for unhappiness.

Deserving Happiness

What often  keeps us stuck in ‘ feeling unhappy’ is that we don’t feel we deserve real happiness.  We may feel it is ‘ out of our reach‘ or we are ‘not worthy of happiness’.   

Many of us even struggle to give ourselves permission to be happy! We feel that we don’t deserve to feel happy.  It is like we are punishing ourselves for our pasts.   In some cases, we may not even know what happiness feels like as we haven’t had many experiences of happiness in our life. 

Born to be Happy

The truth is that we were born happy.  The only thing that is really stopping you from real happiness is your old programming about happiness.  Maybe you were told that you should not risk being happy or if you do something bad may happen?   What ever programming you have about happiness, it really doesn’t have to be like this.  Your old programming is just SPAM.

Unhappiness Doesn’t Feel Good.

When we experience unhappiness we experience negative emotions in our body.  This is our body’s way of telling us that we are thinking or feeling something that is not ‘ who you really are’.   It is your body telling you that you deserve so much more.

Wouldn’t you prefer to feel good than bad?

Do your self a huge favour today and decide that feeling good is your biggest priority in life.  Make feeling good your most important priority!  Let go of that need to be unhappy!

Tip for when you are feeing unhappy:

  1. Make feeling good your main priority every day. What would you do differently?  What would you change?
  2. Write a list of 20 things that make you happy and do one thing a day.
  3. Stop doing things that make you unhappy!! ( yes, it really is that simple!!)
  4. Start encouraging yourself into feeling better, rather than blocking happiness.
  5. Remind yourself that you were born to be happy!

PS  Call me! – I can help you get moving quickly and easily into Happiness in only one or two Life Coaching sessions. 

Australian  Life Coach Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ ( Exile Publishing 2015).   She has won several awards for her work in assisting being to step into happiness and confidence. 

To find out more about how Sydney Life Coach Lisa can assist you, please email for her for a non obligation chat at [email protected].   Please also check her Australian Coaching testimonials here. 

Australian Life Coach Lisa Phillips