Do you often feel inferior to other people?  Or perhaps you believe deep down that other people are just ‘ Better than You’?  Do you put other people on a pedestal with you standing below them feeling somewhat ‘ Less than’ or inferior?

We are all vulnerable of feeling inferior at some time in our life.  This is particularly obvious with the growth social media, when we are bombarded with images of people sharing their successes, new car or long overseas holidays!

Oh how easy it has become to believe that we are just not good enough or that there must be something chronically wrong with us!

Feeling inferior to others can show up in many ways.  We may feel generally ‘ not good enough‘ or just not as attractive, rich, popular or clever as other people.  To be honest, the list of ways we can feel inferior is endless!    At the end of the  day, it all comes down to a  lack of self-worth, self doubt and uncertainty about oneself, and feelings of not measuring up to ‘ standards’.   Ask yourself – Whose standards are they anyway? 

We believe other people see us as Inferior

The problem with feeling inferior is that we also believe that other people view us as being inferior as well.

In the depth of our own minds we convince ourselves that everyone else is also looking down at us and giving us the ‘ not good enough’ label.

The truth is that there will be times in life when people may be smarter, prettier, thinner  than us – but it does not mean that we are inferior to them in anyway!  In actual fact, nobody is either inferior or superior to us. We were all born equal and it is only in our minds that we convince ourselves that we fall short in some way to other people around us.

We are all equal

There is no one who is better than you – nobody on this planet – we are all just different with unique preferences in life.  Telling ourselves that we are inferior in some way is abuse to ourselves and will never make you feel good or align with your authentic real self.  Why not align with your own standards of what you want from your life rather than trying to fit in with everyone’s else’s standards?

Here are some hints and tips for letting go of feelings of being inferior:

1. Write a list of all your unique qualities. E.g. Are you friendly, loyal, generous, helpful or kind?  Try and train your mind towards your strengths, not your weaknesses.
2. Try this affirmation ‘ I would like to feel just as good as everyone else around me’ .
3. Statistic show that 75% of us suffer from low self esteem so why is it that you feel that you are not as good as everyone else? The truth is that we all have feelings of inferiority as some point.

4) What is your evidence that people look down on you? Do you have a crystal ball or are you a mind reader?

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