Why do you put up with feeling bad? Is your life full of happiness, joy and excitement? Does your life feel really good to you? Like many of us, probably not. Perhaps you get a glimpse of these good feelings occasionally but is your life more on auto pilot and have you just gotten used to feeling negative emotions or putting up with stuff that doesn’t feel good on a regular basis?

You are not alone in this. Many of us see real happiness as an occasional thing, rather than a state of ‘normality’.

In truth, we have just gotten used to feeling negative more regularly than insisting on a flow of wellbeing for ourselves. We just accept mediocre feelings, accept mediocre relationships and put up with feeling bad rather than insisting that our lives should feel good.

When speaking at large conferences or with my life coaching clients, I often ask my audiences how much they really care about their own wellbeing? I don’t just mean getting the occasional massage or getting an early night when you have time, I mean every moment of the day making it your priority to FEEL GOOD.

Is your job fulfilling you? What bad relationships are you putting up with? Are you constantly beating yourself up or putting yourself down? If so, the chances are that your own personal wellbeing is not that important to you.

Do you realise that life is supposed to feel good to you? Wellbeing really is our natural state of being but many of us have gotten so used to feeling bad that we have forgotten this. Unfortunately, the more and more we tolerate negative emotions, suppress our own personal preferences and pinch ourselves off from wellbeing, the more likely we are to be depressed or anxious.

If you really cared about your own wellbeing – how would you change? Would you be kinder to yourself? Would you encourage yourself rather than beat yourself up? Would you see yourself through eyes of compassion? What activities would you do more of or less of if you really cared about how you feel? Would you speak up for yourself more or become more assertive? Think about it, if you really cared about your own wellbeing, what would you do for yourself?

Lisa Phillips is a Sydney based professional speaker and Confidence Coach. She is also the author of The Confidence Coach book. To find out more,  please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au