Have you got used to Feeling bad? If you are looking for a Life Coach, then you may have finally got sick to the back teeth of feeling BAD and want some relief from you negative feelings.

It may sound strange, but when working with a new client,  I often congratulate then on actually listening to their body and reaching out for assistance.  It really is a great first step and an acknowledgement that there is a strong desire within them to feel better!

Are you just used to feeling Bad?

For many people, feeling bad is a lifestyle.  Many people have just got  used to feeling  negative emotions. It is almost as if we have given up and have simply accepted that to feel negative emotion is normal.

Take a minute to think about your life in general. Do you regularly experience negative emotion in your career?  Perhaps it is your financial situation that you consistently feel bad about? Is it your confidence or self esteem that you have just accepted as being low?

We accept low standards of Happiness

Often people accept negative feelings as they have simply just got used to them. In addition, many of us have a ‘poor me story’ about why our life never seems to work on in this particular area.  The truth is that we just accept low standards of happiness for ourselves.

The more we experience the negative emotion, the more we just expect to feel ‘bad’.  This then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Remember, negative beliefs lead to negative thoughts, which in turn lead to negative expectations and negative experiences.

So why is that that although we are aware that something doesn’t feel good – we just keep on doing it anyway?

Every person is different with a unique set of beliefs.  However, a great place to begin is to explore your own  beliefs and expectations about feeling good. Be honest, do you just expect life to be difficult for you or do you believe that you don’t deserve to feel good or experience wellbeing in all areas of your life?

It doesn’t matter whether I am Life Coaching or helping someone increase their self esteem, it all comes back to the following – ‘You need to care more about how you Feel‘.

Caring about how you feel.

This sounds so simple doesn’t it – but most of us don’t pay enough attention to our feelings and we literally don’t pay attention nor do we care about how we feel.  As a result, we have just got used to feeling bad most of the time.  Feeling bad has become our Dominant emotion.

The truth is that wellbeing is our natural state and if you really want to have a happy fulfilling life, you need to care more about how you feel.  In doing this, you will care enough about yourself and your wellbeing, to care about experiencing positive emotions and moving from feeling ‘bad’ into ‘feeling good’.

Sydney Life Coaching with Lisa Phillips

With over 20 years experience,  Lisa Phillips is a Professional Life Coaching expert and Confidence Coach based in Sydney, Australia. She is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ (Exile Publishing).  Her work as a Sydney Life Coach is also featured regularly in the Media. To find out more about Lisa’s work or find out how she can help you feel good,  why not contact her for a no – obligation chat?

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