Each January, millions of people around the world set New Year Resolutions. These may include cutting down on alcohol, losing weight, implementing a new healthy belief or letting go of old negative programming.  download

This year, I would like to challenge you to release any struggle involved in successfully achieving your New Year’s Resolution, regardless of its type.
A common belief in society is that we need to work hard at achieving anything we desire. In fact, people receive rewards due to the amount of work, stress and struggle they have put into achieving things!

Don’t get me wrong, hard work can be useful, but only when it adds to your energy (rather than sucking you dry) and it makes you feel good!  To use my favourite adage, when you do anything in life, you should aim for it to feel good so that you feel inspired and in the flow. I compare this to being in a canoe, flowing downstream and allowing the current take you in the right direction.

Compare this to working hard and struggling with the sole intention of getting things done. I liken this to putting a canoe upstream, working hard against the current!  Not only doesn’t this feel very good, it can also be exhausting and let’s face it, you don’t get that far either!

Therefore, whatever resolutions you are working towards, it is important to make sure it feels like a downstream process. This includes soothing and encouraging yourself, rather than beating yourself up and struggling against the current just to achieve an end result.   It is not about forcing yourself to do anything – it is about easing yourself into new behaviours and encouraging yourself.

To flow downstream, you need to set up a supportive mindset and encourage yourself with soothing words, rather than just simply pushing yourself into action.   It is also about creating positive expectations in your body and focussing on how wonderful the end result will feel. In doing this, not only will you feel more joy in the process but you will allow the natural current of the universe to support you in the direction of your resolution, rather than pushing against it.

Try these supportive phrases to encourage you to complete your resolution:

  • It is my main intention to feel good while I am working towards achieving this resolution
  • I don’t have to do it all in one go; I can just take small steps.   That is sufficient right now
  • I can do this; I just need to support myself.
  • Things are always working out for me.
  • I expect to be able to achieve this.

I can make this easy!


Lisa Phillips is a Confidence Coach based in Sydney.  Lisa features regularly in the media and is a popular speaker on the topics of empowerment and confidence. For more information, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au







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