Do you Feel Stuck in Life?

As a Sydney Life Coach, I have had plenty of coaching clients ask for help as they Feel Stuck in Life!

It sounds strange, but I always love to hear clients telling me they feel stuck!   For me, it means the client has some strong goals or desires, but their beliefs have not yet caught up with what they really want!

Feeling Stuck

When we feel stuck in life,  we have a strong desire to achieve or feel something, but the personal  beliefs that we have , do not as yet match our desires.   For example.  Let’s say we have a strong desire to make more money.   We have been trying to manifest more money but it is still not flowing!   As a result, although we like the idea of having more money, we unfortunately have some conscious or unconscious beliefs that are stopping the money flowing in.

Conflicting Beliefs.

In order to align with what we really want ( e.g Money), our beliefs must also match our desire or the vibration / feeling of the desire.    However, if we have beliefs such as ‘ It won’t happen for me‘ or ‘ Money only goes to money‘ or deep down you feel you are not deserving or worthy of more money, these conflicting beliefs will continue to keep us feeling stuck in life.     It feels like we have split energy!    Many of these beliefs are held unconsciously.   However, that is where I come in as a Life Coach.

As an award winning  Sydney Life Coach with over 20 years experience, I can help you unhook yourself from conflicting beliefs.  This could be in your career, relationships, finances, assertiveness, confidence  or overall emotional wellbeing.  I can even help you stop being a people pleaser or release feelings of guilt that may be keeping you stuck.

Getting Un- Stuck

In identifying the conflicting belief and releasing it,  you are then free to move forward ( downstream) to achieve your desire easily.   This feels great in your body as well!  Your energy is no longer split as you are moving easily  in the direction of your desire.

Why not contact me today for a no-obligation chat on how I can help you reach your full potential, achieve your desires and release any old mouldy emotions.    For more information, please see

Remember, you deserve to feel good not feel stuck in life!

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