A blog by Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips.

What area of your life do you feel isn’t working? Is there a specific area of your life that you have been struggling with for months or even years? Is it your money, career, relationship or just general happiness levels that don’t seem to change for the better however hard you try?

What if I told you that you could improve any area in your life right now just by changing the way you are looking at it?

We live in a vibrational universe. As a result of this, life attracts to us whatever we Feel or Think about. This law of attraction is always at work and is responding right now to what you are broadcasting in your energy field or vibration.

Therefore, if you are by default, thinking or feeling about the lack of money, lack of relationship or lack of anything in your life, you will only attract more LACK! Many of us have been doing this for years which is why we just keep creating more of what we don’t want.

Many experts talk about changing our thinking patterns of lack by using affirmations such as ‘I am wealthy’ or ‘I am in the relationship I desire’. For many of us, affirmations (those of you who are familiar with my work will understand that I call this taking a motor boat down your stream) are too much of a jump. As a result, even stating an affirmation can feel unbelievable or too much of a stretch.

However, there is a short cut to get what you want by using methods I have learned from Abraham Hicks. This short cut is to just lean down your stream, not jump! In doing this, you are bridging the gap from where you are now, to where you want to be (e.g. From a lack of money, to having abundance in your life.)

To do this, you need to change your focus from lack to allowing. You can do this by releasing the focus or resistance in your vibration. It’s not about finding an affirmation that states clearly what you want – it is about finding a better feeling statement that causes you to feel slightly better or more ease about whatever topic you are struggling with.

Everyone is different so this will be different for everyone. However, here are a few ideas which may help. The idea is to feel yourself into a better feeling place by looking forward to receiving what you want, not what you don’t want.

1) Affirm ‘I am really looking forward to feeling better about my financial situation’

2) Affirm ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if I found a new career’

3) ‘I know I have been struggling with this issue for a long time, but it’s only temporary. Everything passes. I have changed in the past and I can do it again’

For more exercises and methods to help you create what you desire, please see the website of Lisa Phillips, Personal Confidence and Life Coach at www.amazingcoaching.com.au. Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’. (www.theconfidencecoachbook.com)