‘After 20 years as a Sydney Life Coach, I can say hand-on-heart that one of the most common issues I assist my clients with is the lack of self-love and self-confidence. It doesn’t matter whether the external manifestation is poor relationships, a shortage of money, the imperfect career or struggling with negative emotions – confidence, or should we say the lack of it, seems to rear its ugly head’

Lisa Phillips – Nature and Health Magazine 

Confidence Coaching

As an award winning Confidence coach, I have worked with thousands of people, males and female, from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. However, I am delighted to inform you that, with a little work and some confidence coaching, you can easily learn to build up what I call your ‘confidence muscle’ so that it grows to be a strong, authentic and healthy part of your life.

The reason I like to define confidence as being a muscle, is just like any other muscle in our body, confidence needs time and encouragement to gain strength and grow. It is not something which instantly increases overnight, but with consistent and steady care, it will become a healthy and embedded part of who you are. Gaining confidence is a life altering journey. It’s also amazing because you can gain so much just by making little adjustment to your thought processes or taking the tiniest of action steps.

I am well aware that your confidence muscle may not have had a very good start in life, or that it might have been crushed over the years — but you can learn to strengthen this muscle and consequently become a more confident, calm and courageous person.

My Personal Journey into Confidence

Believe me, I was not one of those lucky people who seemed to be born Confident! I suffered from low self-confidence until I hit my mid 30’s. As a child I was bullied at school and as an adult, encountered bullying behaviour from a manager at work. I also spent far too long in an unhealthy relationship as I didn’t have the confidence to get out.

All these experiences led to me feeling frustrated and angry with myself for allowing other people to walk all over me, and take advantage of my ‘nice’ nature. The occasional time I did try to be more assertive, I would usually end up feeling selfish or guilty, worrying what others thought of me or feeling scared that I may have upset another person.

Finally, after spending far too many years beating myself up and generally believing that everyone else in the world was somehow ‘better than me’ – I took that all important first step into nourishing and building my own confidence muscle. Thankfully, I have never looked back and for the past 20 years, as well as being an award winning Life Coach, I specialise in Confidence Coaching to assist  people, to build up their very own strong confidence muscle.   My book ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ is also recommended reading for many international self esteem initiatives.  I am also the Confidence Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV.

Please check out my coaching testimonials to find out what my clients say about Confidence Coaching.

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Confidence Coaching with Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips,
Confidence Coaching
The Confidence Coach on The Love Destination
We met on the Royal Caribbean South Pacific cruise three years ago. I found your talks so reaffirming and I still make myself go back to sleep when I start the day thinking how hard it is (paddling upstream). I love getting your emails and am thrilled to see you are doing another cruise in the Caribbean in November. I have stopped affirming “I am prosperous” after our chat about how that doesn’t feel right and I try to do more of the things I like and less of the things I don’t like.

Thank you so much for your talks on the cruise, they have really had a lasting effect.

Kym, University of Canberra
I want to thank Lisa for having a huge positive effect on my life. After a couple of sessions with Lisa I have changed direction and made things work the way I want them to go and I am seeing and experiencing positive changes, in my career, my life, my outlook. Thank you Lisa, your amazing coaching really has had an impact. Your fabulous bubbly energy is great to be around.
Melanie Barnes
In 2017 I got in contact with Lisa to gain more confidence in executive business meeting and to handle the stress of the corporate environment. Lisa has not only done that but exceeded my expectations. She has provided lifelong goals that are used frequently. I will be contacting Lisa in future to get career & personal guidance. Always someone to have in your team!
Darragh Maloney
Lisa draws on her own experiences to connect with me on levels not easily reached, teaching me how to live life with verve, passion and direction. I look forward to our sessions which are always injected with laughter, wisdom and love.
Marie Cawood