Many of you will know that I do have a fondness for cruising!  I sailed away on my very first cruise several years ago.  It was an Abraham Hicks Workshops cruise, sailing from Southampton around the Azores.  Since then, it is fair to say that I am hooked!

Confidence Coach to Speak on Princess Cruises

Since that time,  I have now sailed on over 10  cruises on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises.   Over half of these has been as a guest speaker which I manifested after my first cruise!  As a result, I am lucky enough to combine two of my passions in life,  cruising and public speaking.

The good news is that in addition to Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean, I have now been asked to speak on Princess Cruises.  My first cruise will be in March 2018 for over 28 days and I am rather excited.

Now before you get carried away, let  me tell you being a guest speaker on cruise ships isn’t all about the travel and food – it is really hard work!  In fact, in the 28 days that I am sailing,  I will be running 19 workshops.   That is 19 different workshops which will be scheduled in for the days that the ship is at sea.    However, in between these times, I will be able to relax on-board and take in the delights of sailing around the world.


As a professional speaker, I have many packaged and bespoke topics that I use when speaking on Cruise ships.  Having 19 workshops on the Princess Cruise is rather a lot so will be extending some of the topics to include:

  • Meditation Techniques
  • Positive Thinking
  •  Confident Body Image
  • Confidence in your Career
  • Relaxation Techniques.

Please see here for other topics used on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises.

Award Winning Sydney Lisa Phillips is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’.  Lisa works with individuals and organisations around the globe covering topics such as confidence, self esteem, resilience and overall wellbeing. To find out more, please see

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