26 04, 2019

5 Ways a Life Coach can Help You.

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Who do you hire when you need some Help? If you have a leak you call a plumber, or if your car won't start you call a mechanic.  But who do you call when your life is not working out as planned or your emotions could do with a service? I find it crazy that we spend hundreds of dollars on our cars, [...]

23 04, 2019

Emotional Guidance Scale

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Have you heard of the Emotional Guidance Scale?  I use this very effective technique regularly in my Sydney Coaching practice and with my Life coaching clients.   The emotional guidance scale is from the work of Abraham Hicks.  I have been studying these works for over 10 years as well as attending five Abraham Hicks cruises as part of my own career development. [...]

1 04, 2019

How to Deal with Bullies

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How to Deal with Bullies Have you ever had to deal with a Bully? This could be a workplace bully, a family bully or even a relationship or friendship bully? Taking Back Your Power If you feel you are being bullied, it is important to Take back your power.  This is important as often these types of situations can leave you feeling powerless. [...]

22 03, 2019

Let it go!

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Let it go! Go on – Make a commitment to Let it go! I see it every week in my work as a Sydney Life Coach - So many of us are still carrying painful hurts, resentments and pain from many years ago – some of us even decades ago! We share and discuss  these past hurts to anyone who will listen, using [...]

13 03, 2019

How to Value Yourself

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How to Value Yourself Do you know how to value yourself? Our sense of value, our worthiness is this world is shaped when we are just a young child.   We gain our sense of value from how we witness other peoples reactions to us and their behaviour towards us. As a small child we interpreted our value in this world from interactions [...]

24 02, 2019

Free 30 Day Trial of The Love Destination

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Grab your Free 30 Day Trial of The Love Destination I am delighted to offer all my subscribers to the Amazing Coaching Newsletter, a free 30 day Trial of the Love Destination TV Series.    This means you have FREE access to all my courses and videos on The Love Destination! My courses include: Confidence Hacks Stress Hacks and much much more.... What [...]

17 02, 2019

Do you Feel Stuck in Life?

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Do you Feel Stuck in Life? As a Sydney Life Coach, I have had plenty of coaching clients ask for help as they Feel Stuck in Life! It sounds strange, but I always love to hear clients telling me they feel stuck!   For me, it means the client has some strong goals or desires, but their beliefs have not yet caught up [...]

5 02, 2019

Feeling Unhappy?

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Feeling Unhappy? Ok I admit it, as human beings we often have days of  feeling unhappy! However, many of us make feeling unhappy into an artform! Be honest with yourself - have you ( or someone you know) made feeling unhappy your dominant lifestyle?  Have you just accepted consistent feelings of unhappiness? Have you just settled for unhappiness in your life, career, relationships [...]

23 01, 2019

Relationship Confidence

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Relationship Confidence In todays Amazing Coaching newsletter, I will be sharing my top tips to increase relationship confidence. Relationship confidence actually starts with you.  It is about how much you care about yourself, your sense of value, worthiness and what your personal preferences are when it comes to your personal relationships. Relationships are a Mirror. Relationships are actually the place where we can [...]

8 01, 2019

Stop Regurgitating Your Life!

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Stop Regurgitating Your Life! Are you a regurgitator?  Are you just going to carry over 2018's disappointments,  anger, upsets, negative emotions right on into 2019?   Wouldn't you prefer to stop regurgitating your old life and stop experiencing the same old hurts and disappointments  whether it is in your career, relationships, family or life in general? Think about it - Wouldn't it just [...]