8 06, 2019

5 Reasons to Show Appreciation

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In our busy lifestyles,  we often find ourselves focussing more on our struggles than finding reasons to show appreciation for what we already have in our lives. Whether you choose to write a few sentences in a journal, or simply take a moment to silently acknowledge all that you appreciate in your life,  the act of appreciation is a life changing habit.    [...]

2 06, 2019

Life Coaching Online

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An online Life Coach provides Life Coaching online virtually via Skype, WhatsApp,  over the telephone or any other method of technology! These days, Life Coaching online is increasingly popular.  Let's face it, how great is it to get the help and support you need in the comfort of your own home! No more fighting the Sydney traffic, searching for a car parking space [...]

26 05, 2019

How to have a Confident Mindset

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A Confident Mindset will give you a huge advantage in life.   If your mindset is confident, your actions, beliefs and expectation will follow.    Feeling confident on the Inside sends a message to the world that you are important, you care how you feel and you believe in yourself. In this weeks Amazing Coaching blog,  I will share with you my 10 [...]

14 05, 2019

Pointing the Blame Finger

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Are you always pointing the blame finger? Do you end up blaming everyone else for all the issues in your life?  Is it always someone else's FAULT? This may not be the news you were waiting to hear but YOU alone are responsible for what is happening in your life right now!  Take a minute to read that again and let the words [...]

12 05, 2019

5 Practical Steps to Boost Self Esteem

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Last year, I made an appearance on 'The Today Show' sharing my tips on Boosting Self Esteem.   Research was showing that 3 out of 5 people in Australian struggle with Low Self Esteem.    In addition, Australian ranked number 11 of nations reporting the lowest self esteem. You can watch the TV appearance on my Media Page. Finally, 67% of Women in [...]

10 05, 2019

How to Release People Pleasing Behaviours

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Are you a people pleaser?  In this weeks blog I am going to share with you my top tips to release people pleasing behaviours. People Pleasing Behaviour It is the goal of a people-pleaser t to keep everyone around them happy — often at their own expense. They may turn themselves inside out in order to please others, often doing things they really [...]

2 05, 2019

How to Confidently Speak up in Meetings

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Confidently Speak up in Meetings! It is really common to feel nervous about speaking up during workplace meetings.  In this weeks blog, I will share my tips on how you an learn to speak up with confidence during meetings. The fact is, some people are simply more introverted and prefer to listen carefully instead of joining in. ( This is me).  That is [...]

26 04, 2019

5 Ways a Life Coach can Help You.

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Who do you hire when you need some Help? If you have a leak you call a plumber, or if your car won't start you call a mechanic.  But who do you call when your life is not working out as planned or your emotions could do with a service? I find it crazy that we spend hundreds of dollars on our cars, [...]

23 04, 2019

Emotional Guidance Scale

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Have you heard of the Emotional Guidance Scale?  I use this very effective technique regularly in my Sydney Coaching practice and with my Life coaching clients.   The emotional guidance scale is from the work of Abraham Hicks.  I have been studying these works for over 10 years as well as attending five Abraham Hicks cruises as part of my own career development. [...]

1 04, 2019

How to Deal with Bullies

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How to Deal with Bullies Have you ever had to deal with a Bully? This could be a workplace bully, a family bully or even a relationship or friendship bully? Taking Back Your Power If you feel you are being bullied, it is important to Take back your power.  This is important as often these types of situations can leave you feeling powerless. [...]