Bored with Life

Feeling bored with life is often an indication that our body is trying to get our attention.

What is feeling Bored?

When we feel bored, uninspired, stuck or hopeless about life,  we have lost our way a little.    Take a few minutes to think about the last time you felt bored with life,  was it because:

  1. You are stuck in a career, relationship that doesn’t feel good to you?
  2. You are pushing your own needs to the side and just living life like you think you ‘ should do’
  3. You have a dream or passion inside of you that you just keep ignoring?
  4. You are stuck in a rut and not regularly feeling emotions such a fun, joy and wellbeing?

Feeling Bored with life does not feel good and it can lead to feelings of ‘ giving up’ on life,  accepting less than you deserve and a general hopelessness that things can get better for you.

Life is supposed to feel good to you.

We are meant to feel good in life.  We are meant to feel joy and do things that make us feel good.   However, when we feel bored in life, it is almost like we are feeling stuck and have given up on life feeling better for us or that we can have a life that will feel better for us.

Start Moving Forward Today and Stop feeling bored with life!

The good news that it can take just a few gentle thoughts and some focus, to start to move away from feeling bored with life.   However, you must be willing to do this for yourself and most of all, have a desire to feel better.

Here are a few of my top tips to start to feel better about your life and move out of boredom:

  1. Even if you don’t feel like it,  do something you enjoy today.   Don’t worry about the housework, the kids or that work you need to do.   If you like walking, go for a walk, if you love being creative, then do something creative. It really doesn’t matter what it is,  choose to do one of your own happiness preferences.
  2. Break away from the crowd.   If you are stuck spending time with people who don’t inspire you, break away and do something exiting for yourself.   Don’t feel obligated to just do what other people want you to do.   Choose to do something for yourself.
  3. Write a list of 25 things that make you happy and do one thing a day.  Commit to doing this and make it a priority.
  4. Feeling bored with life is often a symptom of living your life on the wrong stream. Write a list of everything that you do in life that doesn’t make you feel good on a regular basis.   Then commit to replacing it with something that is more tuned in to your own preferences or hearts desire.

If you need help with feeling frisky about life again,  please contact Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips.  Lisa will not tie you into any long Life Coaching package and you can choose to have just a single session to have you feeling good about your life again.  Life Coaching sessions can be taken via skype, telephone or face to face.  For more information, please see