2006, 2014

Find out why some people irritate us so much in this week’s blog!

When I first came across this mirror process in a workshop U.S Life Coach Debbie Ford,  I really found it rather confrontational.   Of course I had heard the old adage that ‘your life is like a mirror’, but what I hadn’t done is sit down  and apply that to people in my life who really annoyed me, drove me crazy or had a personality trait which pressed every hot button in my entire body. Today I would [...]

1606, 2014

Guest Blog – How to Change the Voice Inside Your Head

How to Change the Voice Inside Your Head The voice inside our heads can tell us that we are strong, capable and deserving of good things. Or it can tell us that we are stupid, incompetent, and unable to do the things needed to success. The voice inside our heads can tell us that we are beautiful and special, or it can tell us that we are ugly and undeserving of love. The voice inside your head [...]

1306, 2014

Learning to say NO!

Welcome back to my three-part blog on Being Nice to Yourself! How did you go with last week’s blogs action steps? Remember, beating yourself up can be a bit of a bad habit so it takes patience and perseverance to make a lasting change. Never give up on yourself! Just taking little steps every day is the best way to build up that self-esteem muscle. One of my favorite sayings is ‘If you don’t feel like doing it, [...]

906, 2014

Goal Setting for Weight Loss

Goal Setting for Weight Loss Many people groan when they hear the word ‘Goal Setting’ as it seems a unnecessary and dull process.  I am going to share with you a fun, inspiration goal setting process which will keep you motivated and help you stay on track towards your weight loss goal.  Setting a goal for weight loss is really important and will increase your chances of long term success and will also assist keeping you on [...]

606, 2014

Be Nice to Yourself

Hello everyone and I am back from my wondeful holiday and looking forward to sharing my blog with you today as it is all about Learning to Be Nice to Ourselves.  At the end of the blog I am going to set you some simple action steps to do. So if you want to build up your self-esteem muscle, then why not commit to giving them a go? If you want some support on your journey, you can [...]