407, 2014

Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals I didn't feel particulary spiritual at 3am this morning when a cheeky little random mosquito decided to chew off half my arm - However, on finally awakening at 9am, I decided to start the day with a bang with some creative visualisations, a couple of inspiring affirmations and a good old review of my goals for 2010. In 2010 I have decided to set myself three goals: Emotional ( Increase self esteem, put self first [...]

3006, 2014

3 Easy Ways To Have a Meaningful Relationship

3 Easy Ways To Have a Meaningful Relationship Do you want to know how to take charge and stay in a loving relationship? In today’s world everything is so fast paced that we tend to have short and shallow relationships with others. It can be very difficult to stay in a dedicated relationship when most people have such short attention spans. It does not matter if you are married, divorced or single, you can find some useful [...]

2706, 2014

Understanding What Loving Yourself Really Means

Understanding What Loving Yourself Really Means I didn’t.  I thought loving myself was basically treating myself to a night out with friends or buying myself a hot new pair of shoes. To be honest, it took me quite a while to really understand the whole concept of ‘loving myself’ and it was only then did it really start to have a profound effect in my life. For me now, loving myself means a multitude of things including: [...]

2606, 2014

Guest Post – Me, Myself and I by Nicole Fiedler

What does it meant to spend time on your own? I used to think that spending time on your own, meant that this was an option by default because no other better plans came up, or you simply had no plans at all. Sometimes I  think that there is a stigma attached to the whole “alone time” concept , and we are hesitant to answer or admit “oh I didn’t do anything with anyone”. I used to [...]

2306, 2014

Sometimes you just can’t win!

Those regular readers of my facebook page will know that I recently worked hard on launching a 'donateyoursocksday' for the homeless  where I myself and a few other generous souls organised a day of national sock donation for the those sleeping on the streets across Australia. I actually started this idea last year after seeing a homeless person in my local area standing next to me with bright red and obviously cold feet. To be honest, I was totally overwhelmed with the [...]