2507, 2014

Are you Feeling a Little Resentful?

Are You feeling a little Resentful? Resentment is a common emotion.  Here is how to identify it: Feeling anger or bitterness against a person or group of people whom you feel have treated you badly Unresolved anger or bitterness over a negative event which may have happened to you in your childhood Unresolved anger over a past event Lack of forgiving and the inability to let go and forget A grudge against a person or organization which [...]

2107, 2014

How to Love Yourself: 4 Steps

Loving oneself is not something that is particularly easy. It can be difficult to take a look in the mirror and like what you can see. Low self-esteem can affect many people all over the world, but there are ways to beat it. You simply have to follow these easy steps and you will find out how to show yourself love. Create a Lists Start out by writing down some things that you do like about yourself. [...]

1807, 2014

Guest Post – 6 Human Needs by Pearl Wang

Today we have a fabulous guest blog by Pearl Wang.   To find out more about Pearl's great work and to know about her work visit Relationship Fixer or email: [email protected] Enjoy, Lisa xxx Human Needs by Pearl Wang   Today I would like to outline for you the basics of the human needs. These needs are universal and global and every decision we make are resulted from these. When we understand our needs in the order [...]

1107, 2014

Fear Game

This week, in the absence of any major emotional trauma, I decided to play the FEAR game. The objective of this game revolves around challenging myself to face up to as many scary little fears of mine as I possibly can, within the space of 7 days. My lovely assistant in this game happens to be a shiny little golf clicker which kindly awards me points (or clicks), every time I successfully completed a fear challenge. images [...]

707, 2014

Shaking the Bag

Shaking the Bag I am BORED. If I get completly honest with myself, my usual sparkle and creative flair seems to have disappeared down the plughole and I am finding it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to do ANYTHING. Unfortunately my book deadline is catching up with me and I still haven't perfected my speech for the rather scary TV interview I have to do next week. I have actually become, the Princess of Procrastination. At first, [...]