1905, 2014

How to Break Bad Habits

What are your bad habits? Smoking? Talking too much? Drinking? Untidiness? We’ve all got them - To be honest, I have tried most of them! Within this article are 5 simple reasons for breaking a bad habit. If it ain’t broke, break it, and if it won’t break, then bend it Bad habits. Whether it’s a perpetual pile of clothes in the corner you’re waiting to someday turn into gold, a self-proclaimed disability which renders you unable [...]

1605, 2014

How Heavy is YOUR Heart?

Often, we all have one or two areas in our life where our hearts feel heavy. This could be any area which is important to you. Your heart could feel heavy with regards to relationships, finances, career or perhaps family issues. What if, for the next 4 weeks, we all took responsibility for this heavy load and took some radical action to take responsibility for what is making our hearts feel so heavy? Remember, we must give [...]

1205, 2014

Friends who drag you down

Know the kind of support you get How do your friends react when you share with them the fact you have been promoted, got a new boyfriend or you share great news with them about your life? Do they support you or do they drag you down? To help you assess the kind of support you want to get, try to answer the following questions all by yourself: Have a think about who you hang out with [...]

1105, 2014

How to take care of yourself

Hi everyone, Time difference permitting, I have been catching the Olympics here in Sydney and feel the need to have a whine. To be honest, I have been rather shocked at the way the media, and a few of the sports personalities themselves, react to not winning that illusive gold medal. Sadly, several members of the Australian team really beat themselves up for coming second and stating that they feel they have let both themselves (and their [...]

505, 2014

Do you need to De-Clutter your Life?

De-clutter your life and improve your confidence A lot of people carry around with them a lot of “baggage” or “clutter” in their minds.  I know I did! My mind was full of more baggage than Heathrow Airport! What I mean is that they are still holding onto things that they say they should do but don’t do!  You know things you need to do but you keep on putting it off and make excuses for not [...]