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Hello lovelies,
Despite the fact that I am full of the cold ( again!) I am feeling rather motivated today and decided to get cracking on some outstanding ' things to do' on my list.   Don't get me wrong, I don't often have days like this ( and now plan to retire to the couch with a lemsip and DVD) […]

Those Dreaded New Year Resolutions…

The Bad News

I don't want wish to come across as a party pooper but apparently, over 95% of you will fail miserably to accomplish those New Year resolutions which you have proudly set yourself. No, it isn't because as a human race we are a bunch of weak willed jellyfish, it is more to due with the fact that the […]


Abuse comes in many forms

I am happy to say, I’m an abusive relationship survivor. One who can now tell my story and help other abusive relationship sufferers recognise the destructive behaviours of their partner, and find the strength of Will to say, “No more!” and make it out of their situation not only alive, but FEELING alive.

Recognising an Abusive Relationship

An […]

Do you think it is OK?

As well as being a super duper life coach, I also do some work in the Corporate World, primarily in the training and engagement arena.

For me, working in large corporate environments can be fun or bloody tragic – especially when I come across unhappy people, hating their jobs and quite often, suffering workplace bullying by their superiors or in some […]

Interesting Life Lessons – Part 1

Those regular readers to my blog will know that the past few months have been rather interesting! Due to many reasons,  I am unable to go into much detail about my experiences but I wanted to share with you the life lessons that I have learned.

The Bad News

I have been exhausted, stressed, anxious, have experienced a lack of sleep and nourishing food […]