1108, 2014

Guest Post: Top 10 Ways NOT to be Happy

We have another fabulous guest blog by Annie Kaszina, the voice for women's relationship happiness and professional fulfilment. Live in “I’ll Be Happy When” mode... much as you know that doesn’t work. You won’t Be-Happy-When for two very good reasons; first because chances are it ain’t going to happen and, second, external events are never going to make you happy until you commit to making yourself happy, right here, right now. Allow people close to you who [...]

808, 2014

Tuning Into your ‘Gut Feel’

Hi and welcome to this week’s column. Today I would like to share with you the importance of listening to your intuition and feelings.    Enjoy! Do you take notice of what your body is trying to tell you or do you bypass your emotions, allowing your head to rule the day?   Do you take time to tune into what you ‘gut feel’ may be trying to tell you? Whether you believe it or not, your instinct, [...]

408, 2014

My Bill of Rights

Sometimes, I have this really annoying habit of making sure that everyone and his dog is happy before remembering to look after my own needs. I am getting better I must admit, but sometimes I have to remind myself that I have the same bloody basic rights as everyone else and do not always need to have the smallest slice of cake or end up forking out for the cab fare home just because every other bugger [...]

108, 2014

Voice of Doom

Putting on a rather surprising few extra kilo's since giving up the evil weed last November, I decided to attend a trendy new salsa class in the hope that the ever increasing spare tyre around my waistline would disappear in time for my next holidays. Quite understandably, I had a few butterflies in my belly due to giving Salsa a go for the first time. Anyway, a couple of glasses of red beforehand did the trick as [...]

2807, 2014

Assertiveness: Naughty or Nice?

THE BAD NEWS ...I USED to be a NICE girl. One of the disadvantages of being a nice girl is that you often allow people treat you like a bloody doormat. You also end up exhausted or resentful as you spend the majority of your time placing everyone else’s needs before your own. As a nice girl, I have also sold my soul on several occasions in order to gain love and approval and would suffer trolley [...]