1711, 2014

Life Should Be Fun!

I cringe when I hear phrases such as: •    Life should be hard •    If it’s worth it, you need to work hard for it •    Nothing comes easy •    No such thing as a free lunch •    You need to work hard in this life These phrases or beliefs have often been used throughout society for hundreds of years and also, passed down to us from our hard working parents or other significant influences in our [...]

1311, 2014

Connecting with Other People at Networking Events

I recently attended a networking event – something I don’t do very often I must admit!   As a business owner, we often have it drummed into us that you need to go out and network, make new connections and get yourself and your business brand out to as many relevant people as possible.     In addition, we are advised to connect on linked in with a wide range of connections in order to ensure we are found [...]

511, 2014

You Don’t have to Work Hard to get what you Want

Despite what you may have been led to believe, you really don’t have to work hard in order to get what you want.      The world seems full of this idea, and I am constantly surprised by the amount of messages I see in the media about life being hard work. The truth is, if you are struggling to get what you want, working all hours and in particular, not enjoying the work you are doing, then you [...]

2810, 2014

It will be alright

Most of us worry about things we cannot control and our minds get flooded with negative thoughts which cause stress and resistance in our body.  In fact, the truth is we repeat 90% of our thoughts day in, day out.  The scary thing is that if 90% of your thoughts are negative and filled with fear, you are simply just running on these old patterns 90% of your life.  Think about it, no wonder we just keep [...]

2409, 2014

Is Your Own Wellbeing Your First Priority?

For those of us who are running home, businesses or a career, looking after our own emotional wellbeing can quickly fall into the ‘ I haven’t got time’ or ‘ It’s all too hard’ basket. Recent figures from Work Safe Australia highlighted that stress and burnout costs Australian business over $20 billion each year so it makes good sense to pay attention to our own needs sooner or later,  before we end up stressed and exhausted and [...]