809, 2014

Short and Sweet Goal Setting Using your Vibration

Many people roll their eyes or look bored when I mention goal setting but it can be fun and extremely effective! For me, the key part in making a goal work is to make sure it feels good.  So, rather than focusing on what things or situations you want focus on how good it is going to feel when you have it! Here is a simple process to follow: Step 1 – Pick an area of your life [...]

509, 2014

Ensuring Balance as a Business Owner

It’s Friday, the official end to a working week! How do you feel? Do you feel proud of your accomplishment knowing that you are on track to achieving your business goals or like many business owners are you feeling drained, overwhelmed and planning to work over the weekend? Is your personal life becoming a shambles and your passion for your business running a little dry? For many running a business is a dream come true, but it [...]

2908, 2014

Personal Boundaries and How to Establish them

Hi everyone and I hope you are enjoying the British Summer weather.  It is winter here in Sydney so I am envious! Today we are going to talk about the importance of personal boundaries and how you may feel if you allow someone to over step or walk all over your boundaries. Setting good boundaries is healthy Have you ever walked away from a person, event or situation and felt resentful or violated? If some of your [...]

2508, 2014

Confidence is an Inside Job

What would be different in your life if you felt confident?  You know, REALLY confident?  That special type of confidence that comes from knowing that you can handle everything life throws at you and that you are really comfortable in your own skin, warts and all?   You know what I mean, that inner self belief that encourages you to say No easily, voice your own needs and look after your own emotional wellbeing without suffering from a [...]

2208, 2014

Choose Happiness

Most of us wait for something great to happen in our lives before we put on the smile and feel happy! But really, happiness is a choice and why not make yourself happy rather than waiting for happiness to come to you? Seriously, nobody is coming to save you so if you want to shake your life up a bit and get happy then you can start by making a few simple changes to your day. How [...]