302, 2015

Start your day with Positive Momentum

We all have those days, you know, the one’s when you wake up worrying about the day ahead, worrying about what happened yesterday and generally filling our minds with stress, worry and negative thoughts.    This is very normal and is just a habit of chronic negative thinking. The issue with this is that these negative thoughts build momentum during the day, creating more stressful thoughts, feelings and of course, experiences.    This is just the law of attraction [...]

2901, 2015

Do You Know How to Build Emotional Resilience – Article in Nature and Health Magazine

Check out this wonderful article by Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips in Nature and Health Magazine March 2015 on how to build emotional resilience When life doesn’t go exactly to plan, how well do you cope? Do you feel defeated and beat yourself up or do you have sufficient trust in yourself that everything really will be ok? In challenging times, many of us are our own worst enemies. We render ourselves as victims of circumstances, blaming ourselves [...]

2601, 2015

A Leading Edge Way of Doing Affirmations

As a confidence coach with over 14 years’ experience, I have been a fan of affirmations for many years.  For those who are not familiar with affirmations, they are simply short phrases or statements that you repeat until they feel real or true to you.  Affirmations have been proven to work as they rewire our brains, assisting us to release old negative thought patterns and negative actions. In today’s blog, I would like to share with you [...]

2101, 2015

Who is Driving the Bus of your Life?

Stop for a minute and reflect on your life.   Are you in the driving seat?  I often compare life to driving a big red bus. What I mean by that is; Are you choosing to sit in the driver’s seat, taking your life in the right direction, choosing where you want to go, what route you want to take and also who you wish to join you on the ride? Or Are you sitting in the back [...]

1401, 2015

It’s Fine to Be an Introvert

When working with my amazing clients,  I often hear them getting annoyed with themselves wishing they could be more outgoing or feel more comfortable or relaxed in social situations. The first question I always ask them is Why? If their answer is based around their own self development and they feel it is something that they truly want to do, then that is fine and we happily work together to achieve this outcome. However, often the response [...]