1401, 2015

It’s Fine to Be an Introvert

When working with my amazing clients,  I often hear them getting annoyed with themselves wishing they could be more outgoing or feel more comfortable or relaxed in social situations. The first question I always ask them is Why? If their answer is based around their own self development and they feel it is something that they truly want to do, then that is fine and we happily work together to achieve this outcome. However, often the response [...]

701, 2015

The Importance of Feeling Good

Is feeling good your general state of being? Or, like many of us, is it something that you occasionally dip into on a special occasion or when you have treated yourself to a massage, a pair of shoes or a maybe a new haircut? If so, you are not alone with many of us living in the state of ‘I will be happy when………’ or ‘If this happens I will feel better’. The issue in living this [...]

2812, 2014

Easy New Year Resolutions

Each January, millions of people around the world set New Year Resolutions. These may include cutting down on alcohol, losing weight, implementing a new healthy belief or letting go of old negative programming.  This year, I would like to challenge you to release any struggle involved in successfully achieving your New Year's Resolution, regardless of its type. A common belief in society is that we need to work hard at achieving anything we desire. In fact, people [...]

1212, 2014

How to Stay Calm Through the Christmas Season

Christmas is on its way and for some; this is a time of parties, present buying and additional worry and stress!   So in today’s blog, I am going to talk about how to keep yourself calm and relaxed over the festive season. For many, the Christmas holidays are a time for excitement; however, for others, it can be a time of stress and anxiety with many wishing that it ends quickly so they can get back to [...]

3011, 2014

Are you Living by Your Own Rules?

Take a minute or so to ask yourself – are you living your life or someone else’s?  I don’t just mean in terms of your career or business, but also in terms of how you behave, what you say and how you act. Many of us hide behind false masks – hiding who we really are and what we feel deep inside.   We could be afraid of showing our true authentic self as we fear the reaction [...]