Having a Postive Mental Attitude

Would you like to feel more positive? Would you like to develop and focus on having a positive mental attitude?

There is actually a key difference between positive and negative people.  People with a positive attitude tend to look for solutions to problems whereas negative people tend to look for more problems and expect life to be […]

Two of My Favourite Meditations

Two of my Favourite Meditations
As a Sydney Life Coach and Confidence Coach,  I often suggest  that my clients spend some time in meditation. Not only to feel good but to manifest what they desire.   I know lots of people avoid meditating – often explaining that they find it difficult or can’t concentrate.    I suggest actually only meditating for […]

Some Great Empowering Quotes for Women

Empowering Quotes for Women
I was searching on the internet yesterday for some empowering quotes to use within a  presentation that  I had been booked for on the topic of  ‘ How to Empower  Your Staff.  In doing so, I cam across this fabulous page with the best selection of empowering quotes for women I had every seen.

One of my very […]

Having Trouble with Affirmations?

Having Trouble With Affirmations?

As a Sydney Life Coach with over 18 years experience, I am a huge fan of Affirmations.   However, I do know that some people are not so keen and tend to have trouble believing that affirmation work.     When helping my clients with affirmations,  I often encourage them to use a ‘ Wouldn’t it be nice’ statement […]


I have to admit it, I am a real fan of affirmations and always use them myself and with my coaching clients.     In this blog,  I am just going to share a few of my favourite affirmations and explain a little bit more about how they can help us.
An affirmation is basically  a repeated short and specific statement that […]

Are you Tolerating Abuse?

Are you Tolerating Abuse?
Are you tolerating abuse from other people? What are you sick and tired of taking? Are you withholding your thoughts, not speaking up and feeling resentful? Do you have integrity issues that are screaming for your attention? Are you tolerating somebody’s belittling remarks only to complain about their behavior to other people? Are people walking all over […]

10 Tips to Build Self Esteem

Ten tips  to Build Self Esteem
Statistics in 2017 , now show that 4 out of 5 Australians suffer from low self esteem.   To honest, this doesn’t surprise me. Therefore, in the article today,   I am going to share with you my Ten Tips to Build Self Esteem.


1) Self esteem is built from the inside out.   It like having a rock inside […]

Toxic Relationships 2012

PRESS RELEASE   Lisa Phillips – Experienced Life Coach

Lisa Phillips is a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner based in Sydney.   She has been coaching for over ten years helping individuals in all areas of their lives including relationships, self-confidence, career, finances and family issues.

Lisa has her own radio show and has interviewed many self-development experts including Beverly Engel, Sandy Forster and […]