1405, 2015

Your Inner Beings Point of View

We all have a ‘point of view’ about something.    We have a point of view about the weather, society, our nearest and dearest, our friends, money, our career and the most important one, a point of view about ourselves. The majority of us hold a negative point of view about ourselves.  We compare ourselves to other people, we think we are lacking something, are not good enough, not worthy enough or importantly, not deserving enough.  When I [...]

705, 2015

Feeling Angry? Own it!

Let’s start today blog by delving deeply into the ANGER emotion.   Many of us have learned to swallow our anger or push it down.  However, the fact remains that anger is actually a perfectly healthy emotion when used properly. So, in this blog, we are going to give ourselves permission to get really freaking ANGRY!!!!! I know you may not be particularly angry right now but I can guarantee you that this action step ROCKS and [...]

2402, 2015

What do you LIKE about YOU?

What do you LIKE about You? When I ask people this simple question,  they often look at me strangely or look terrified. Isn't  it interesting that we find it much easier to say negative things about ourselves than verbally share something that we like about ourselves? So, what do you like about You? The truth is, as human beings we rarely complement ourselves nor do we realise how unique and special we  really are!  We often find [...]

1702, 2015

Honouring your Authentic Self

Take a few minutes to think about the stuff in life you enjoy doing.  You know the simple things that make you happy.  If you are stuck, maybe think about the things you used to do when you were a child.     If you are on the right track, your body and emotions will feel good just thinking about it! This is important as your body is telling you that these things are aligned with who you really [...]

1002, 2015

What irritations are you putting up with?

Take a few minutes to look back over the last week.  What things / situations or unresolved issues are still on your mind?  I don’t mean the big stuff, more those minor little irritations.  You know the drawer in your kitchen which keeps getting stuck, the broken handle on your door or the client who keeps turning up late?  What do you have going on in your life that irritates you when you think about it? I’ve [...]