1002, 2016

Stop taking Action Today!

A blog by Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips. Lisa is based in Sydney but also provides phone and Skype coaching to clients around the world.  Society urges us to work hard and take lots of action in order to achieve what we want. Even the media and Facebook posts are filled with comments about working hard in order to achieve our goals. To be honest, I have removed these from my Facebook feed as I am fed up of [...]

102, 2016

What I have learned in 2015.

As we hit 2016, it is often a good time to reflect on what 2015 brought to us in terms of new thought patterns, beliefs, experiences and expectations. In this time of reflection and new year resolutions, it's a sad fact that many of us use this time to beat ourselves up. If this is you, I urge you to look back at the past year with kind and compassionate eyes rather than beating yourself up or wishing things had been different for [...]

1401, 2016

How to Create Abundance not Lack!

A blog by Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips.  What area of your life do you feel isn't working? Is there a specific area of your life that you have been struggling with for months or even years? Is it your money, career, relationship or just general happiness levels that don't seem to change for the better however hard you try? What if I told you that you could improve any area in your life right [...]

1001, 2016

Why my Work as a Life Coach has Changed

A blog by Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips I have to admit it, I am a huge fan of Esther and Abraham Hicks and have been lucky enough to spend many delicious weeks attending their workshops both in Australia, Europe and the USA.  From a self development point of view, this work is leading edge  and in my opinion, the most inspirational and transformational work I have ever come across. In my 15 years working as a [...]

901, 2016

Amazon – Review of The Confidence Coach book by Lisa Phillips

It has been nearly 6 months since the launch of 'The Confidence Coach' book and we are pleased to say that the book is getting some great reviews.    Here are a few of the most recent posted on both and Cannot thank the author enough! By Amazon Customer on 15 Sept. 2015 Format: Paperback A really helpful and brilliant read! Really helped me out, and will be recommending to friends/family who need it! A book [...]