2902, 2016

Building Confidence from the Inside Out

Building Confidence from the inside out is one of the most caring things you can do for yourself. This is virtually a mantra I use with all my Life Coaching clients. It is fair to see that people find it very challenging to be nice to themselves.   We treat other people with far more kindness and compassion than we treat ourselves.  When I ask people to tell me what they like about themselves, most people either [...]

2202, 2016

I have a question – Are you in the right career?

In my role as a Life and Confidence Coach, I often work with clients assisting them with their career. This can come in the form of a client wishing to step into a new career or maybe improve the career they are currently in. All clients are individuals but one of the first steps I often take it to check in with them on the reasons why they want to do something different. In doing this, I am making [...]

1502, 2016

Do you have these thought patterns which drag you down?

Blog post by Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips  The human brain is often comfortable focussing on negative things and negative experiences, regardless of whether they are in the past or present. Unfortunately, thinking negatively can become a rather bad habit and can easily drag you down if you let it. In the long term, negative thinking will lead to you spending more time upstream, fighting against the real flow of life. It can also lead to depression,  self hatred, low self confidence [...]

1002, 2016

Stop taking Action Today!

A blog by Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips. Lisa is based in Sydney but also provides phone and Skype coaching to clients around the world.  Society urges us to work hard and take lots of action in order to achieve what we want. Even the media and Facebook posts are filled with comments about working hard in order to achieve our goals. To be honest, I have removed these from my Facebook feed as I am fed up of [...]

102, 2016

What I have learned in 2015.

As we hit 2016, it is often a good time to reflect on what 2015 brought to us in terms of new thought patterns, beliefs, experiences and expectations. In this time of reflection and new year resolutions, it's a sad fact that many of us use this time to beat ourselves up. If this is you, I urge you to look back at the past year with kind and compassionate eyes rather than beating yourself up or wishing things had been different for [...]