Relationship Break Up?

Relationship Break Up?
Last month, I assisted several clients via Skype in Sydney who have recently experienced a relationship break up.  I love it how the universe always sends clients who are my perfect mirror as my short term relationship came to an end around the same time!

Relationships are our biggest growth areas and can really bring up areas of […]

5 Tips for Confident Body Image

5 Tips to a Confident Body Image
1)      Our  first tip for a confident body image is to remember that the world is sending out flawed messages about the ‘ perfect body’ and what ‘attractive really looks like’ These messages are not solely focused towards women; men are also under scrutiny to ensure that they fit the image […]

5 Tips for a Happy Life

5 Tips for a Happy Life
The media, social media and society in general are full of ideas of what we need to do in order to live a  happy life.

However, what I often share with my Sydney Life Coaching clients is important – The truth is, you are the only one who can decide what makes you happy!

We are all […]

Negative Self Talk

Your Negative Self Talk
How does the voice of your negative  self talk sound?  Is it the voice of doom?

Does your negative self talk say …….You are worthless, useless, a failure, lazy, ugly, a mess, non-deserving, not good enough, unlovable, stupid, fat, etc?

Where as positive beliefs are generally like your supportive best friend, negative beliefs, which feed into our negative self […]

5 Tips for Career Confidence

5 Tips for Career Confidence
Original article featured at Ahlan Live Magazine.

It really doesn’t matter what or where your workplace is, you will always take yourself (and your lack of confidence) with you – even if you change employers frequently. In this article, I will share with you my 5 top tips for you to find career confidence.

Each and every one […]

You are your own Worst Enemy

You are your own Worst Enemy
In my Sydney Life Coach practice, I have coached thousands of wonderful people over the years.  As a result, I strongly believe that human beings can be their own worst enemy!   Think about it, we often treat other people far better than we treat ourselves and are more at home beating ourselves up mentally […]

Move your Canoe Downstream ( Part 2)

How to Move your Canoe Downstream ( Part 2)
In last months Sydney Life Coaching blog   I shared the idea that your life is like a flowing stream. Each day, when you wake up, you have the choice whether to take your canoe upstream or downstream.
In this weeks blog, lets talk about how to Move your Canoe Downstream!
Downstream is where […]

Is your Canoe flowing Upstream or Downstream? Part 1

Do you allow your Canoe to flow Upstream or Downstream?
When you woke up this morning, I want you to imagine that instead of getting out of bed, you got into a canoe on a beautiful flowing stream. This is your personal stream.   Every day when you wake up,  you have the choice whether to allow your canoe to flow […]