2504, 2017

New Confidence Online Courses from Amazing Coaching

New Online Training Modules from Lisa Phillips now available! It has taken a while to hatch but at last, Amazing Coaching is ready to launch a range of  online training modules!  We are very excited about this as people across the world have been requesting Lisa's workshops and presentations to be available online for some time and now it is ready to launch! The new training portal offers 5 online courses each facilitated by award winning Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips. The online [...]

1304, 2017

Finding Confidence in Your Career

Finding confidence in your career. 'Finding Confidence in Your Career' is a topic that I am regularly asked to speak on at Workplace Professional Development Days, or Health and Wellbeing Days. It is a popular topic, and one also that my confidence coaching clients often admit they are struggling with regardless if they are a baby boomer, Gen X or Gen Y! There is a lot written about Confidence in the Workplace and finding Confidence in your career and the best [...]

604, 2017

Do you Feel Needy in Relationships?

Do you feel needy in relationships? (Please note part of this article was extracted from Lisa Philips book 'The Confidence Coach' - In my 17 years working as a Life Coach and Professional Speaker Sydney, I have discovered that nothing interferes so much with the ability to have an authentic committed relationship as much as poor confidence, low self esteem and being needy. So, if you are always looking for a partner to make you feel loved, worthy, attractive [...]

2803, 2017

Single? Not getting what you want? Learn to Receive!

  Pick up any self development book these days and it is likely to include the words 'Ask and you shall receive'. Movies such as 'The Secret' have been released on this topic and this is a fundamental concept in the Law of Attraction. So, if it's that easy, why aren't we living in a universe where we simply make our requests and what we want magically appears in our reality?  In my role as a Sydney Life and Confidence [...]

1403, 2017

Do you experience Shortage Consciousness?

Do experience shortage consciousness or lack? By this I mean, do you believe there is never enough for you or believe that you have to work hard to gain 'your share' of money, clients, love or material possessions?  If so, you are not alone and shortage consciousness is a topic I regular speak about as a keynote speaker or as a Sydney Life and Confidence Coach. Shortage Consciousness is about your ability to perceive or expect an ongoing flow [...]