510, 2019

Are you your own Worst Enemy?

Are you your own worst enemy? Or are you your own best friend? We are kinder to other People! As a whole, we are often kinder to other people ( even strangers!) than we are to ourselves.  Here are a few different ways that we treat ourselves like our own worst enemies: We compare ourselves unfavourably to other people We put ourselves down We can be extremely critical of ourselves -eating away at our own confidence and [...]

2409, 2019

You get what you Expect

What do you expect for yourself in life?  Do you expect for people to like you and respect you?  Do you expect to get what you want and to have a happy successful life?  Do you expect life to be easy or life to be a struggle? You get in Life what you expect in Life! I recently worked with a Life Coaching client who frequently experienced a difficult manager at work.  She had changed jobs several [...]

1609, 2019

The 1000 Leaders Initiative

Are you a new leader? Or would you benefit from Leadership Coaching? Do you need some help in learning to influence other people or onboard you boss effectively?  Then join the 1000 Leaders Initiative!  The 1000 Leaders Initiative The 1000 Leaders Initiative has been developed  by Stacey Ashley, the founder of Ashley Coaching . Stacey is an award winning Leadership Coach and also the author of ' The New Leader'.     Stacey is on a mission [...]

1009, 2019

10 Phrases to Boost Confidence

We can all struggle with confidence at one point in our lives!  In this weeks newsletter,  I will share my 10 Phrases to Boost Confidence.    These phrases are not about ' faking it until you make it' or convincing yourself to feel more confident. This is too much of a struggle and for many of us, will just not feel good!   These 10 Phrases to boost confidence aim to assist you in releasing resistance from [...]