You are your own Worst Enemy

You are your own Worst Enemy
In my Sydney Life Coach practice, I have coached thousands of wonderful people over the years.  As a result, I strongly believe that human beings can be their own worst enemy!   Think about it, we often treat other people far better than we treat ourselves and are more at home beating ourselves up mentally […]

Move your Canoe Downstream ( Part 2)

How to Move your Canoe Downstream ( Part 2)
In last months Sydney Life Coaching blog   I shared the idea that your life is like a flowing stream. Each day, when you wake up, you have the choice whether to take your canoe upstream or downstream.
In this weeks blog, lets talk about how to Move your Canoe Downstream!
Downstream is where […]

Is your Canoe flowing Upstream or Downstream? Part 1

Do you allow your Canoe to flow Upstream or Downstream?
When you woke up this morning, I want you to imagine that instead of getting out of bed, you got into a canoe on a beautiful flowing stream. This is your personal stream.   Every day when you wake up,  you have the choice whether to allow your canoe to flow […]

Do you Feel Safe in the World?

Do you feel safe in the world?
Many of us do not feel safe in the world.    We fear that something bad will happen to us or our families and feel that the world is not safe.   We fear the worst and don’t attempt to do things we really want to do as we fear we are not safe […]

Burn those Negative Beliefs!

Burn those Negative Beliefs!
In this weeks blog, I wanted to share with you a fun and symbolic way to let go of some of your old mouldy negative beliefs you may be holding onto.    We are going to learn to Burn those negative beliefs!

This is a fun exercise that I have been using for many years with my Sydney […]

Self Care is more than a Manicure

Self Care is more than a Manicure
When running wellness workshops for employees or working with my Sydney Life Coaching clients, I often ask them ‘ How do you practice Self Care?‘.   Usually the common response is one of the following:

I get a manicure every two weeks
I take a hot bath
I go for walk with the dog

A New You in the New Year

A New You in the New Year
At this late time of year,  I often hear people state that they can’t wait for the year to be over or that 2017 was their most horrible or stressful year.   But what if it didn’t have to be like this?   What if you could do something for yourself and ensure that […]

Don’t fear feeling Uncomfortable

Don’t Fear Feeling Uncomfortable
Whenever we start to let go of old behaviours and implement new thought patterns and actions, whether it is learning to be assertive, asking for what we want or putting plans in place to look after our own needs, we are always going to go through a period of feeling  uncomfortable.

This uncomfortable feeling may arrive in your […]