Are you your Own Best friend or Is your life like Burnt Toast?

Think about it.   Many of us burn toast in the morning.    However, do leave it on the side to go cold, scrape off the burnt bits and eat it later yourself?  Do you then proceed to go and make fresh toast nice toast for everyone else?

Is this like your life?  Do you accept the cold poor standard bits for yourself but happily create nice tasting stuff for everyone around you?

In my Sydney Life Coaching practice, or when I am running wellness workshops or speaking at a wellness event,  I stress the importance of being your own best friend.    Think about it, if you were being your own best friend, would you accept burnt toast for yourself?

The fact is that most of us are far from being our own best friend – we are actually more like our own worst enemies.     We prioritize everyone else before ourselves,  we criticise ourselves, we compare ourselves unfavourably to other people and we speak to strangers with kinder words that we do for ourselves.

We rush around after everyone else,  we agree to do things we don’t really want to do and we fail to prioritize our own wants and needs.      We think that in helping other people, we can feel like a good person.  But what if  saying Yes to other people, means saying No to yourself?

Amanda is a client of mine who loves her family dearly.   She is keen to be seen as a ‘nice girl’ so runs around after them, often looking after their kids overnight or ends up running errands for everyone else to   ‘ help them out’ .

However,  Amanda is tired and longs for a quiet weekend in or a short break holiday to herself.  She has also dreamed of going back to College but doesn’t have the time as she is always rushing around after everyone else or staying late at work.  However, she doesn’t like conflict so although she feels resentful, she carries on like she has always done, taking care of other people before herself and working late so she doesn’t let the boss down.

Can you see how Amanda is like burnt toast?    You see, if you only ever accept burnt toast for yourself, you will end up resentful, undernourished and tired.

In my new online training site,   I have a great 1 hour online presentation called ‘ How to Be Your Own Best Friend’.      I highly recommend it if you don’t want to continue to be burnt toast!  It is only $29 and I must admit, it is my favourite workshop.

Here are some other tips to help you to start to be your own best friend:

  • Treat yourself to a new journal and each evening, take the time to write down a couple of nice things about yourself.
  • Write a list of the priorities in your life and notice where you are on the list. Then start to move your own wants and needs further up the list.
  • Start saying No to other people. It is not your responsibility to make them happy.  Remember, when you say No to others, you are saying Yes to yourself.
  • Praise yourself every time you look in the mirror. Even a ‘Well done’ for getting the kids off to school on time will suffice!

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