It’s getting a bit chilly down in Australia at the moment! Therefore, to keep you inspired with a warm heart over the colder months,  I am offering a Autumn Life Coaching offer of 25% discount!  This discount relates to Life Coaching, Career Coaching or Confidence Coaching sessions!  Don’t panic if you are not based in Australia, this offer is open to clients all over the world!

The 25% discount offer relates to new Life Coaching clients or for previous clients if they would like a Top Up Coaching session!

The offer only relates to Skype or Phone coaching but I promise you there is no difference and many people prefer this type of Life Coaching.    Let’s face it, what is not to like about having a Life Coaching session in the comfort of your own home! No fighting for a car parking space or rugging up to go out!  I can also work with you early morning, evenings and weekends!

What can I help you with?

As a fully accredited Life Coach and author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book, I can assist you in many areas of your life.   Remember, I have over 20 years experience so you may only need a single Life Coaching session to help you fully resolve any issue you may be encountering.  Just one session could get you back on track, feeling strong relief from negative emotions and feeling more positive about your future.

People come to me for Life Coaching for a wide range of issues.  These may include:

  1. Assistance with re-occurring negative emotions,  such as low self esteem, lack of confidence, feeling stuck, unhappy or just sick of repeating the same old problems in their life.
  2. Support in moving in or out of a career or relationship.  I can also assist with helping you tap into your authen tic preferences, values and move towards your ideal career or partner.
  3. I also have helped thousands of people release self sabotaging issues such as people pleasing, passive behaviour or lack of boundaries.
  4. As a Life Coach, I can help you achieve your desire and goal, whether it is finance, relationship, emotional or career related.

Contact me today!

Contact me today at [email protected] to book your Life Coaching session with your 25% discount.  Also, please check out my Coaching Testimonials from all my happy clients!