Are you your own worst enemy? Or are you your own best friend?

We are kinder to other People!

As a whole, we are often kinder to other people ( even strangers!) than we are to ourselves.  Here are a few different ways that we treat ourselves like our own worst enemies:

  1. We compare ourselves unfavourably to other people
  2. We put ourselves down
  3. We can be extremely critical of ourselves -eating away at our own confidence and self esteem
  4. We give other people far more love and support than we give ourselves.
  5.  Often we support other peoples dreams and aspirations, but we don’t support our own
  6. We are last on our list of priorities!

Learning to be Your Own Best Friend

Unless you learn how to be your own best friend, you will always find yourself feeling ‘ less than’ other people, or undeserving of all the great things life has to offer you.  If you don’t like yourself, you will allow other people to take you for granted, accept less than you deserve and have weak boundaries in place.   You may not be able to protect yourself from abusive or manipulative people.

Learning to like yourself and be your own best friend is a beautiful journey.  It is coming back to your natural state of wellbeing.    However, many of us have dominant programming that we received in early childhood that prevents us from taking good care of ourselves.   Instead,  our minds are full of negative programming about ourselves.  This can cause us to have a lack of self worth, low confidence and low self belief.

Remember – You deserve all the love in the world – You are equal! 

Are you your Own Worst Enemy?

The good news is that it doesn’t take long for you to release old negative programming and learn to be your own best friend. When you do this, everything in your life will change. Your relationship with yourself will improve ( dramatically) as will your relationships with other people.    You see, when you learn to like yourself, you will no longer tolerate other peoples poor behaviour towards you.  You will also make better decisions for yourself and your boundaries will be healthy.

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