What is important to you?   Such a simple question really isn’t it? However, when I ask my coaching clients this simple question, I usually get answers which are more about what is important to other people – rather than what is actually important to the person I am actually coaching.

Many of us are people pleasers spending most of our time doing or saying what is important to others rather than prioritising what is actually important to ourselves. As a result, common answers I receive from my Life and Confidence Coach clients include:

1) Making sure my family is happy

2) Doing a good job at work

3)  Getting things done

4) Going on holiday

Ok, these answers are fair enough but in all honesty, the answers lack what I call  friskiness!  For many of us, the answers above are more ‘should do’s’ rather than something which brings us continued feelings of joy, enthusiasm and excitement.

Now, I am not saying that looking after your family or getting things done are not important. Of course they are! However, dig a little deeper now. What is really important to you? You, the unique human being that you are? Is it getting some precious time for yourself?  Is it taking an hour out to read a book or do something creative? Is it making a difference in this world or spending time with animals? Could it be going on holiday to a faraway country on your own that you have always dreamed about?

Take a minute to think about what is really important to you. When you do this, notice how it feels in your body. When I ask people to do this during my Life and Confidence Coaching sessions, I often see their body sit upright and smiles appear on their face! They will also experience a rush of positive emotion as the body agrees that these things are aligned with our authentic self or ‘ Who we really are’.

Action Step.

Why not write a list of what is important to you and prioritize these things? Try not to push these things down, or make excuses that you can’t do them, open your mind and just feel how great it would be to experience some of these things.

It’s important to note that these things may not be important to anyone else – let’s face it why should they? We are all unique beings on our own personal stream experiencing our own individual preferences. So do yourself a favour and reach out and experience what is really important to you.