Amazing Coaching in UAE

Amazing Coaching in UAE

Amazing Coaching in UAE

Sydney Confidence expert Lisa Phillips works with people all over the world via Skype and phone and recently, she has been working with some amazing coaching clients in the UAE.

As a result of her success life and confidence coaching in the UAE,  Lisa approached the UAE media looking to spread the world about confidence in countries such as Dubai and Kuwait.

The good news is the 2 online magazines were keen to feature her Confidence Coaching tips .   So in January 2018,  the work was featured of  Amazing Coaching in UAE.

The articles featured in:

Ahlan Live 

Amazing Coaching in UAE

5 Tips to Find Confidence in Your Career






Health Magazine AE

5 Tips to Build Confidence Amazing Coaching in UAE



If you are looking for a Life Coach, whether you are in Australia, UK, Dubai or anywhere in the world, why not check out the work of Lisa Phillips?  Lisa has over 18 years experience and is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book ( Exile 2015).  To find out more, please see or



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